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Human Revolution turned me into a Deus Ex fan

ultimak | Sept. 4, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

I never played a Deus Ex game before I bought Human Revolution, but now that I have beat the game I can't wait for whats coming next. The game is all about choice, giving you the tools to tackle a problem in a variety of ways, and you being the one to decide how to solve it. It accommodates stealth players and gun blazers alike, although at times it feels as though stealth is the "optimal" solution, and in some cases it is. The story is very deep, and it may require multiple playthroughs to get all the details about it. This is partially due to the fact that the game has so many secrets hidden away, in the form of eBooks or computer emails scattered throughout the world. Depending on how you went about completing the game, two players may have very divergent experiences. This makes the game very friendly to multiple playthroughs, and combined with being able to play through the game in multiple ways means you will be coming back to this game for some time to come. The graphics look very crisp and sharp and the developers themes of black and gold really show, sometimes to the extreme. The level design of both the hub areas as well as the stand alone levels is amazing. Hidden pathways are everywhere and there are multiple ways to all of the objectives. The game never forces you into taking a certain path, if you think its the only way to go then you jut haven't found the others yet. I can't understate how powerful of a mechanic this is, and is one of the defining features of Human Revolution The AI tends to use the level layouts adequately, using cover to hide and advancing if they lose sight of you. A lot of the time though the AI can be downright dumb or extremely routine in its behavior. At the end of the day though its a minor complaint, most of the time the AI does its job well enough, but some improvement would have been nice. I have heard others say that the gunplay was lacking, but I honestly enjoyed it a lot. The weapon upgrade system is very cool, and allows your weapons to feel unique. The gun design was also very cool, although they could have used some more differentiation in the colors used. The hacking mini-game is one of the best I have played in a game. Its got a good mix of chance and skill and rewards you for being good at it. The mini-game is over quickly, and it only started to get old right as I neared the end of my 35 hour playthrough. One of my biggest complaints is with the augments. While I enjoy being able to upgrade my character in many different ways, I feel as though the developers didn't do enough to balance them out. For instance if you want to see most of the secrets the game has to offer, you are forced to dump a lot points into hacking, as well as picking up the augs that allow you access to hidden areas like the wall break. It just seems to feel like there are more augs that are "essential" then their needs to be, and not getting them may likely make you feel as though you have gimped yourself. The other big complaint, that I know a lot of others have had as well are the boss battles. In a game all about choice, forcing you into a situation with a single way to do something is horrible design. The bosses also were given almost no exposition, and end up feeling like generic mercenaries. The game can take anywhere from 20-35+ hours depending your play style as well as how much you care about exploration and finding all the things hidden throughout the world. In the end, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fantastic game revolving around player choice. Even though the game has its share of flaws, Human Revolution manages to rise above them and be one of the best games this year.