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How to Survive

ultroxmga | Oct. 28, 2013 | Review of How to Survive - PC

How to Survive is, at it's core, a true Zombie survival game. In the story mode of how to survive you play as one of 3 (or 2 of 3 if you are playing Co-op mode) survivors as you wake up with amnesia on an unknown island. Now the story isn't anything special, its just a segway so you have a reason to do the things you do. where the game shines is it's mechanics. As you progress through the island, you find different survivors and books titled "Kovac's Rules" kovac, an expert survivor, left these book chapters scattered along the island for you or other survivors to find so they have a better chance at survival. In these books they show you how to survive and craft. In the game, you can find different parts or ingredients scattered along the island, in sheds, on the ground, and on dead bodies. these parts may not seem like much on their own, but you can craft them to make weapons, armor, and supplies. Now i was a little disappointed at the lack of ingredients, now there is enough so it isn't dull, but i expected more combinations and such. You also have to eat, drink, and sleep in the game to avoid stat loses and possible death. For drinking you need to find freshwater or wells, eating you need to find plants, food, or hunt, and to sleep you need to clear camps so you can sleep without the danger. Overall the game shines in it's mechanics, but falls short in some areas like story. But it is a welcome change from the regular left-4-dead esque zombie game. This game is well worth the 10.49 and even 15 dollar price tag, the story, along with the online coop challenge mode will sure to give you plenty of fun.