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A Puzzlingly Good Time

undercoverchad | July 9, 2013 | Review of Puzzle Agent - PC

Puzzle Agent is exactly what its title claims to be. You play as Nelson Tethers, an FBI agent in the puzzle solving department who is called out to a snowy village in the back of beyond where odd things are happening. Your mission is straightforward at first, but slowly progresses into the realm of the strange. In fact, there are several points in the story that can be rather creepy. Puzzles range from simpler jigsaws to more challenging logic ones that may require gum chewing (the game's hint system) to solve, and are reminiscent of childhood days spent with your nose buried in a puzzle activity book. The graphics aren't the best - if you're used to slick graphics from the latest games - but there is a hand-drawn charm to it. That, added to the superb voice acting helps to immerse the player into the story. The only sticking point is that the animation can be rather choppy at times. So if you like puzzles, coupled with a short story that is both humorous and eerie by turns, Puzzle Agent will provide many hours of fun.


Solid game

undercoverchad | July 3, 2013 | Review of Kings Bounty Armored Princess - PC

Never played the first game King's Bounty, but I want to, now that I've played Armoured Princess. Can be very challenging, and you really need to plan your battles carefully, especially if you don't want to lose any units, as there are limited amounts of them to be found. The world in-game is bigger than I expected, and provided many hours of exploration (and fights). The battles don't get old as each one is unique due to the different mix of enemy units. Enjoyed the stories behind some of the smaller quests, although the overall story felt a bit lacking as it did not really engage my interest. But other than that, Armoured Princess is a solid game that will provide hours of entertainment.