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One of a kind and full of surprises

univarn | June 11, 2014 | Review of Bastion Steam - PC

For all its wonder and awe inducing moments Bastion basically boils down to a one of a kind story telling experience that feels more dynamic than it ever has any right to be. Right off the bat the narration tells you this game is going to be nothing like anything you have ever experienced. The smoothness of the voiceover mixed in with the dreamlike nature of the visuals creates a sense of total immersion into this sometimes confusing and complicated world. The combat system is simple at first - just a whack a mole style - that evolves as the enemies do. Before long you find yourself hastily trying to create unique combos between your weapons to maximize your damage giving, and taking capabilities, as well as balance your defense and offense. If at first you are not taken with the world, you soon will be. My one complaint with the game is that it sometimes feels a little rushed at points. The need for them to tell their story while keeping you entertained with high speed action means you'll find yourself saying "wait, what just happened?" more than once... and right up until the end. But even then you'll never feel like you're just killing time by taking unnecessary quests. Stripped to the bare bones this game has everything you need with little fluff... even if by the time it comes to an end you wish it had more.