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Atmospheric game with basic stealth gameplay

v_shaft | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of Velvet Assassin Steam - PC

OK, now, my favorite game is "Metal Gear Solid"; that is, the King of all stealth games so in that regard I am pretty spoiled. With that out of the way, let's get down to the review. STORY: You play as Violette Summer, a British secret agent during WWII sent to deadly covert ops behind enemy lines. You begin the game in an unknown hospital, seriously wounded and dying, and re-live the memories of your past missions, and consequently, what led you to the present point in time. PRESENTATION: The game looks good. It's not state of the art graphics, but if you're not a spoiled brat you can't really complain about the visuals in "Velvet Assassin". The music is barely present, in the background only, and it fits the theme of the game. The voice acting is on par, though a bit stiff on the part of the heroine. GAMEPLAY: The biggest problem "Velvet Assassin" has is its utter simplicity gameplay wise. You can't lean against a wall, you can't peak behind cover, you can't cause distractions to deceive enemies, you can't crawl or do any similar kind of movements. What you can do is: walk, run, sneak (which makes you automatically crouch). There are no degrees of camouflage: you are either fully visible, or you aren't. That is, if you stay in the shadows - no one can see you. If you stand in the light - everyone can see you. AI on the higher difficulty setting has falcon vision, and will spot you from far away - when you're visible. With you in the shades, they're as blind as bats. Though, they have the knack of going DIRECTLY towards your cover position if on a "random" search for you. As for Violette's arsenal: she has a knife for stealthy kills (your most used weapon); she has a silenced Colt with only a handful of bullets for each mission; and other louder firearms which are fairly useless most of the game since they're without a silencer. To distract the enemy, or lure them, Violette can whistle. "Velvet Assassin" is distinctive for its use of MORPHINE. Morphine shots are scattered throughout the level, though you can carry only one a time. When Violette injects herself, she gains a short-lived boost: time slows down, wheares she can either run to hide from an enemy, or rush at him and kill him. Killing anyone while in Morphine mode counts as a "stealth kill". And that's about it for gameplay: stay in the shades at all costs, try to sneak up behind the enemy - if not use morphine - stealthily dispose of him. Repeat. Each mission offers you various collectibles to find scattered all over the place, which give you EXP points which you can later spend on boosting your stats: max health, stealth speed, morphine mode duration. CONCLUSION: "Velvet Assassin" is a rudimentary stealth game with good atmosphere, but which ultimately becomes too repetitive due to its lack of gameplay features. Still, it's worth the price. If you find it on sale, even better.