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Could always be worse...

valley33 | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

Good guys, bad guys and explosions. That seems to be Swedish developer DICE’s specialty. They’re like the Michael Bay of video game studios. Sometimes there’s some really awesome things, and occasionally, one finished product pops out, and it’s somewhat deformed. It’s okay though, because you can fix it in post. Right? Well, maybe. DICE sorta dropped the ball with the launch of Battlefield 4. While this iteration of the series breathes new life into the franchise, it seems like it is plagued with many of the same problems as its predecessor. BUT LETS BEGIN WITH THE GOOD NEWS. This game looks AMAZING. Running on a mid tier gaming PC, we ran it on high settings getting about 50-60 frames per second. For reference, this very same PC ran Battlefield 3 on ultra settings smooth as butter. However, kicking Battlefield 4 up to ultra made it much more laggy, though we’ve heard that PC’s running windows 7 perform worse than those running windows 8. Battlefield is like if Saving Private Ryan were a video game. It’s got that dark grey color pallette through the whole thing, but it certainly doesn’t suffer for it. There’s generous use of bloom lighting effects and lens flares and oh so many explosions. On graphics alone, battlefield four would get a 5, but of course, there’s more to it. Troubles began for battlefield four the instant it came to it’s final release, and even before. The beta was plagued with all sorts of bugs, from hit detection issues to crashes of all shapes and sizes. Let me say outright, you NEED to have the most up to date drivers if you’re going to play this on PC. Otherwise, have fun with, not kidding here, zero to 3 frames per second. Drivers matter. Once you get past the inability to see what’s going on and astonishingly long load times, you can throw yourself head first into the breach. But we really wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re a Battlefield veteran, chances are you’ll pick this right up. If you’re not, you should probably find a few tutorials or at the very least just watch some gameplay videos. This is nothing like call of duty. The maps are GIGANTIC. There are places to get LOST. And if you’re brand new to the series, chances are you won’t live very long for your first few tries. its inaccessibility to new players is where battlefield struggles most, is in. You’ll be running along and, of course you’ll get killed, but for reasons you don’t understand and from a location you had no idea was even accessible. Repeat this a tens and maybe a hundred times, and players are likely to give up. There’s no hand holding or aim assist to be found here. THIS AINT COD! Assuming you have a handle on things, Battlefield is an experience to behold like no other. Incredible scripted set pieces, called LEVOLUTIONS, are available to be triggered in each map. Classic game types like Rush, Conquest, Domination, and Team and Squad Deathmatch all make a return, along with some new gems that really shine. Obliteration mode pits two teams against each other with a randomly spawning bomb and three enemy points to blow up. As expected, this close fighting is where Battlefield moments really happens. Defuse mode is like a classic Counterstrike match, with two teams, one life, and one bomb. The tension is exhilarating as you fight to live just ONE SECOND LONGER to plant or disarm a bomb. I give battlefield 4 a FOUR out of five. It’s a phenomenal shooter that’s just off to a rocky start, no different from the way Battlefield 3 was back in 2011. Give it a few months for EA to sort out server issues and fix the game breaking bugs, and Battlefield 4 will certainly become a modern classic and a standard of First Person Shooter gameplay for years to come.