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Bully - A second chance

velkyr | Aug. 29, 2013 | Review of Bully Scholarship Edition Steam - PC

Me and Bully have had a strange history. Back in 2007, I picked up the game, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Except I never got to finish it. Life got in the way, sold my consoles and games, and Bully was left unfinished. Then, the parents found out about the game, became outraged, and the Canadian government (Or at least my provincial one) decided that Bully was best left in the storage room, and not on display. Because of this, my local retailers stopped stocking a game that they couldn't display, as a good deal of games are impulse buys. So, I went without, always wondering how it ended, never spoiling it for myself. When I saw the RockStar bundle, I knew it was fate. Bully was finally in my possession again, and I'm happy to say, I've finally finished. Was it worth the 6 year wait? Of course it was! The graphics, while outdated by some of the more modern games, are still top grade in late 2013. While this is a standard "Here is your mission, go do it before X time" type of game, the unique story and setting immerses you in the action, and keeps you playing. For those in a similar position, who wonder if Bully is worth getting again? Yes, yes it is. You won't be disappointed.