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Goes both ways

vennum6 | Dec. 29, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Ghosts NA - PC

This game is a very good game for the older generation gamers. those who don't really want a fast paced 3 minute game with little kids yelling and screaming in your ears. the game pace is made to be slower and more tactical depending on your set up of course. some times its faster game play like old days but not normally. there is the flip side the game does have a lot more perks and a new system to the class build that is not bad, but the never before seen guns are limited to just a hand full of each type and the lethal/tactical are in my words crap. the game could use a lot more work or lots of DLC. overall: I have played COD since the beginning, this is a step backwards but could be a step in the right direction with guns having built in attachments already and the amount of perks that can be used/equip, I think this is a good game, not the best in the series but good.