Reviews by veshnov


For the price, worth it.

veshnov | Jan. 30, 2014 | Review of Mirror's Edge (NA)

This game is beautiful. Not only in game play and graphics, but the controls are the best I've seen in some time. Comfortable and responsive, these controls are easily changeable without compromising the game play, and the reaction time feature is amazing. (Reaction time is generated by free running, and slows down the game on command) The levels are quite decent, having to think about each jump for leaping. The first time you play, the recommended route will be highlighted in red, but upon completion, "Hard" mode will be unlocked, allowing you to figure out your own route, as well as making the combat more difficult. Combat is in depth, but can be avoided if desired. Lighting and graphics are AMAZING.



veshnov | Jan. 30, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 (NA)

This game is amazing. Quite Nearly perfect. The first borderlands was amazing, and having a game this good as the sequel, is more than I could wish for. The graphics, being hand drawn, look amazing and visually pleasing, and in all my hours of game play, I have not encountered one graphical glitch. The FPS mechanics are great, having dynamic enemies with critical hit spots, and skilled shooting, being able to shoot of limbs, trip them up, and much more. So much replay ability. All the classes are distinctly different, and the game will be different on a different class. Buy this game.



veshnov | Jan. 28, 2014 | Review of Dishonored

I loved this game. Everything about it. The Graphics were not realistic, nor were they intend to be, they were intended to be artistic. They succeeded. All the combinations of colors, and the animations, were absolutely beautiful. The stealth was wonderful, dynamic, many different stealthy paths to take. And not just stealth paths. On any level, there were innumerable side missions, runes in amazing places, dynamic steam punk machines, and many opportunities to use the AMAZING powers, which always have creative implementations, and great upgrades. If you like stealth games, buy this game.