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its so much fun

viedoo | Dec. 21, 2013 | Review of Counter Strike Global Offensive - PC

I used to be playing FPS like Call Of Duty, battlefield,Medal Of Honor and even been addicted to PayDay. But Counter-Strike is a FPS on a whole different level. Its hard, Challenging and far from what most are probably used too but its so much fun. A must have for everybody that loves FPS! Dont let the price fool you. This game if far beyond awesome than most FPS which u pay around 60 euros for or more. You play matches with people in your own skill rank and u rank up when you get better. You dont have to worry to get in the game and be shooted by people that are 50 ranks higher than you. the game runs smooth, looks really good and you can play deathmatch against bots and other people, or competitively & Alone. Its highly addictive and for the price it is right now definitely worth trying. Incase you buy it (Which u should!) Have fun