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Unique RPG, but be prepared to work at it

villagejim | Jan. 5, 2014 | Review of Gothic 3 Gold Edition - PC

As others here have said, if you patch this up with the (large) community patch and spend a little time with it this is quite a unique game that I haven't experienced the likes of elsewhere. Admittedly I never got into the earlier Gothic games and Risen just passed me by, but this hooked me and dragged me into its quirky world. The thing about it is that the world is very open - you can kind of do what you want in what order and things adapt and change on that basis. There is a main quest which does have alternate endings, but you can really approach things how you want and there are some adventuring gems in there. Like the tomb that you enter with some orc allies and have to take on a virtual zombie army (like nothing I ever saw in Oblivion). Altering allegiances and the conquest of towns. You can take on the whole orc army if you want to in some large battles (with a very limited number of allies it has to be said). The characterisation is quite quirky - the main hero is more Clint Eastwood in his spaghetti western prime than anything else - and some of the dialogue is cheesy but it builds this kind of believable, quirky, deep world. Performance on moderns PCs will be fine, back when it was released it was a little bit of a hog but will be no problem now. Visuals are rustic but Ok, but it is the world it creates which is worth experiencing. If you haven't already, give it a try, for the price now there is nothing to lose...