Reviews by viyer00


Fun Game

viyer00 | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

It took me 16 hours to finish this game on hard settings never having played another Batman game before this. The learning curve is definitely steep and it took me a few hours before I got into the swing of things. The game is definitely challenging, fun and has an engaging story. There are plenty of things to do once you finish the main story, such as side missions and a more difficult main story mode to replay. I wish the main story were a bit longer, but overall it is a very fun superhero game and I cant wait to play Origins now.


A lot of fun

viyer00 | Oct. 7, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

To finish the game in normal took me roughly 30 hours, but there is plenty more play left to be had because I fully intend on beating it on the harder difficulties until I complete the famed "purist" setting. Yes, the game really is that fun. There are dozens of ways to complete every mission and the game rewards those who don't necessarily pull out their silverballers at every opportunity. The only downsides are, perhaps, a bit of repetitiveness and a soporific story line, but these are only minor flaws. I usually do not replay a game once I have beaten it on a certain setting, but this game is the rare exception.