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Nice Sim-style Family Simulation

voltina | May 27, 2011 | Review of Virtual Families - PC

Virtual Families comes from the developers of Virtual Villagers, and features a similar gameplay style. You are in charge of a character who can find romance, get married and have children. Graphics are not innovative; they are very similar to the Virtual Villagers saga, and continue with their bright colours and isometric perspective. Marriage in the game works in a similar way to dating websites, where you look at other characters' personalities and jobs in order to find the ideal combination. Once you have found the special one, you may move on to have children and other activities. The game also offers you the opportunity to earn achievements and accumulate wealth in order to prolong the challenge. AI seems somewhat unresponsive at times. You may drag your characters around to instruct them to perform certain tasks, but failing those tasks makes them change their activities. Interaction between characters is somewhat lacking; they will not chat to each other or attempt to spend time together, and their choices seem random. As a casual game, I would say it is quite entertaining. However, it probably needs a second iteration to be truly enjoyable.