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It's fine. But I think the COD series is nearing it's end.

votchamacallit | Nov. 14, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Ghosts - PC

Single Player: I haven't played this section yet. But who does really these days. Multiplayer: They do a lot of smart things with there perks and weapons system which is nice. It takes a lot longer to level up though compared to previous games in the series. The one thing that will bother people the first time they get started is how the maps are so huge compared to the past games and some are confusing as well. Most of the maps are basically camper areas which you would think they would try and discourage from the past games given that they had none of that carry on until now. Once your out in the open and there's no suitable cover your gone. Overall I would recommend this if your new to the franchise. But I would also recommend black ops 2 as well.


Great Game

votchamacallit | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of Splinter Cell Blacklist - PC

If you liked Chaos Theory and Conviction you will like this game. You will spend hours not only replaying missions but also multi-player. Single Player The single player is amazing they improved and fine tuned it and took all the best things in the previous games and stuck together into this. I'm not going through the story in this review just because. Also Ubisoft better release more content later (sooner rather than later would be great and not too soon where it could be buggy but soon enough that it works and everyone is happy) Co-Op Co op is fun. But I noticed that most of the bugs in this game appear in co op more than any other mode in this game. You will spend a lot of time on this trying to get everything and perfecting your skills in the game for multi player. Multi Player If your new to the series the multi player side of things might be a hit or miss, but if you stick with it and unlock the other modes (which doesn't take to long) and unlock more weapons and gadgets and armor you will enjoy it more. The premise of the multi player is basically a cat and mouse/Hide and seek style of play for the most part. You do get team death match as well. But the most fun comes from hacking the terminals as a spy or defending them as a Merc. Overall: I would recommend this to anyone, even if they didn't like the series to begin with I would sit them down and make them play it.