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A great "enhancement" to an already great game

vtrickzv | May 18, 2014 | Review of XCOM Enemy Within NA - PC

This expansion corrects some issues with the original game and adds a whole new set of gameplay elements, including a new alien resource called MELD. The addition of MELD is huge because you can no longer just take your time being extremely cautious. MELD expires within a certain amount of turns requiring quick movement through the battlefield, unless you want to pass on the new MELD capabilities of genetically enhancing your soldiers with new abilities or enhancing them with the ability to use powerful mechs, foregoing the ability to take cover. The game also includes more research opportunities and additionally some techs now unlock more items/enhancements. Another addition is the medals which you unlock in battles by accomplishing certain tasks. These give minor to moderate bonuses for the soldier you grant them to and add another level of depth to the customization. It's fun to name the medals after one of your better soldiers that is killed in action. The new missions and EXALT enemy type also add more variation to the gameplay which is great. Overall one of the better expansions I've ever purchased. Anyone still playing the original should definitely grab this up for an all around improved gameplay experience. I was able to pick it up at $12 on sale, but any fan of XCOM could expect great value out of it at $20, or $30 if a huge fan of the series. The original game still plays great so if you have yet to play that, I suggest playing through that first. Decide afterwards if you want to expand upon what you have already experienced in the original with Enemy Within.