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I hoped to see something good, and civ 5 is more the something

wahidasoldier | April 12, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

First of all i want to say that i'm not very much into strategy games , but i have played a few good ones . I certainly thing that civilization 5 is one of the best turn based strategy games if not the best. I really love the gameplay at this game , even though being new to civilization series it took me a while to understand the system. You have many units , with many different characteristics such as combat , or settlers and workers . The settlers only help you to build your cities , and the workers help you develop your economy :building farms ,mines etc. . In this game more aspects are important like economy ,culture , food production . Another important aspect of this game is diplomacy . The sounds are very good , the music doesn't get boring so i think they worked pretty much at the sounds . The graphics are good , in my oppinion they could've been better , but in a game graphics aren't everything , for me gameplay is the most important. Anyway if you haven't played Civilization 5 , you've missed a great game , and i personally think that you can't get bored by this game, i mean it didn't bore me.


Horrrible game

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of Dawn of Magic - PC

What is wrong with this game you ask? Hm. How about... everything? The distorted cracking sound everywhere within the game make it an unpleasant experience alone, but there is more... the poorly designed and confusing in-game interface makes it worse. The graphics are atrocious (with everything maxed out) - it's so colorful it hurts my eyes. Difficult to distinguish the enemies between all those plants of all colors. The level of detail is great, but the environment design is terrible - weird colors and an abundance of plants and trees. As for the gameplay, you probably won't be able to finish the first quest since the monsters are not easy to kill, and the NPC's are invincible and do a lot more damage than you with a variety of spells might I add. Oh yes, I had a mighty broom as a weapon. Let me tell you what I did next: The NPC kept following me and hurting me and since he couldn't be killed I ran away; he followed me so I ran inside the starting building, guessing it was a safe place to be as customary to the RPG genre. But guess what, it's not! He followed me inside, killed me and I spawned right next to him. :) Another weird thing would be that the enemies' life bar fills up instead of emptying. Odd design.


Almost there!

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of CivCity Rome - PC

With a few minor tweaks this could be a real good, replayable game. Combat comes at a way too fast game speed, no message index to read or repeat the last message, confusing granary/warehouse stock ledger, really poor screen for senate requests and the most annoying voice telling you "your granaries are almost empty," then, "our granaries are empty." Turn it off please! Moving houses around when they upgrade is doable if you plan extremely well, otherwise you take away goods/services when you do upgrade. On the other hand this is a good, playable game. Graphics are very good (at least you can play this on most systems, unlike Caesar IV, where you need a top of the line one) gameplay is good. Wish they'd make a patch and tweak a few things, could improve this game from a 65 to an 85.


A completely original game

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of Bonanza Bros - PC

This game is awesome. I spent tons of hours playing this when I was a kid, either alone or with my brother. The idea of playing with thieves was very challenging and the scenarios brought lots of fun. The controls are very simple: you walk, jump and shoot. The graphics are unique. You won't find another game that even looks like this one. Same for the music and FX. It has also a lot of interaction with the stages' elements. Although it was made for stealing stuff from a lot of places, the game looks very innocent and funny. It's not the "bad looking GTA violence" at all. The enemies are very smart and sometimes hard to deal with, which brings a lot of challenge to the game. Playing the 2-player cooperative mode brings the fun to another level. It is amazing. Running from cops will find its most brilliant gameplay in this experience, you can bet.


Ancient game right here.

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle - PC

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle was a fun game. I just hated the fact that if you took one hit, you would die. I was like "What the heck?" when it first happened. Alex Kidd has some weird power ups. Power Braclet, Pedio-Copter, Cloak, Staff, Motorcycle, and Pogo Stick. I liek the Power Bracelet. It can strike enemies from a distance. The one level i hated was To The Sky... because you have to Pedio-copter across the sky while avoiding getting hit by blimps and bombs. Over all this game is old school but it was fun. Try it out for a while. You might enjoy it.


Worse than the previous...

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of Virtua Tennis 2009 - PC

As we know, Virtua Tennis 3 offers a good image quality and the gameplay is interesting. However, very disappointing, because this Virtua Tennis 2009 can not provide anything new that can be offered to the gamer. Almost 90% there is no difference between Virtua Tennis 2009 and Virtua Tennis 3. the only things that new in this game is the money system. if we win, we will get money, which can be used to purchase new equipment. even more severe, the quality of the image that looks like the original in VT 3, are now declining, and look like animated cartoons. On the other hand, quite a lot of things that disrupt the game play, one example is at the time of making the player (in the very beginning of the game), his brow is invisible, so the player looks very strange. and again, at the time we play, we can not skip the replay, so this will make us bored. However, this game is quite fun to play, if we had not played Virtua Tennis 3 before.


This makes fishing games fun

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of SEGA Bass Fishing - PC

Sega Bass Fishing simply makes fishing games fun. The game is not a true fishing simulator which is a good thing, because most of the time in my real life fishing experiences I don't catch anything, but enjoy being outdoors anyway. This game is pretty much an arcade fishing game and has plenty of fishing action. I will be quite honest with you, playing this game with the control pad is not very fun, but when you get the fishing rod controller the game truly shines. The graphics are very good and all the excitement of reeling the fish in is all there. Sega Bass Fishing is a good game and if you still have a dreamcast, it is definitely worth playing. If you have a group of friends who enjoy fishing, they will love this game.


This should be free

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of Mafia II DLC Joes Adventure - PC

This is not worthy the title Add-on, or for that sake any money at all. As the intro says ; Its basicly feels lika a simple map pack that other publishers give away for free. The content feels hastily done and is so repitive and simple, that it feels like it have been atomaticly generated by a mafia2 building program. There are a few main missions that resembles the quality and feel of the original game, but they are to few. The rest of the missions is dull and boring, and in many times frustrating and time consuming mindless driving from A to B. In one mission you have to drive a car from A to B, but never get below 40 mph or the car explode. After about 40 (yes 40!) attempts I manage to beat the mission. No satisfaction, just the angry feeling of beeing robbed of money and pride. Who the he.... test these game, and give it the tumb up ? People that just loves to do mindless task over and over again? Too bad that that feeling keeps coming back many times in this game. This games should have been free to download. In that way I would have been pleased and happy over the game industry, even if many missions are mindless crap, and should never been released by any proud and serious game publisher. But now I just feel dissapointed, fooled and robbed...


This is why Mafia 2 had so little content.

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of Mafia II DLC Jimmys Vendetta - PC

Mafia 2 was a good game that suffered from a lack of content, yes the story was good but it had to be because there was absolutely nothing else to do in the game. You may wonder how on earth they took 8 years to develop a game that lasts 8 hours? welcome to Jimmy's Vendetta, some of the content that was stripped from the original game so they could sell you it as DLC. PC gamers who have access to the games files know that what we were sold as a full game was in fact a stripped down version, the rest of the game including elements of the story will be sold as DLC. Just checkout to see just how much content has been ripped from the game. The DLC itself is poor, the missions themselves are just side missions with a timer added just for extra annoyance. You score points arcade style for various things and these go up onto a leaderboard. Drive here, blow that up/kill that person, drive back, rinse and repeat. They haven't even bothered changing anything for Jimmy, he lives in the same apartments as Vito, he doesn't even have his own body, they've put his head on Vitos's body without bothering to change the textures so the head and body match. This DLC is a rip off, they are charging us money for what should already be in the game. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't bother with this if it was free, I sure as hell wouldn't recommend anyone pay for this garbage.


I liked it

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | Review of Twin Sector - PC

I have been waiting a while for this game to go on sale! I downloaded the demo and was surprised to find myself playing until the end of the demo and wanting more. The game kind of reminds me of a mix between the old Playstation game OverBlood (anyone remember that?) and Portal. Play the demo and see for yourself. Recommended.


best thing is probably the graphics

wahidasoldier | April 9, 2011 | Review of Tomb Raider Underworld - PC

This is as ever what's really expected from a tombraider game. But Eidos have really stepped it up a notch or two on the graphics. There are stunning scenes and features to the game, The texture quality is quite amazing to see and the game is as ever a lengthy one. There's the usual grapple hook method where Lara can grapple a wall with a hook and rope to throw herself around the ruins grabbing place to place as you fly around the levels.But if you forget to save the game it can be a nightmare as sometimes you might have gone quite some time looking around to end up dead, forgetting to save will mean you'll have to do it all again, also after some very large climbs if you fall off you will have to go through the long process of climbing it all again. but never the less there are good action scenes and a lot of thinking for you to do along the way.I cant emphasize on how good the graphics are really just hope everyone gets to play it in max graphics to see, but if not then still this will be an interesting game to play


Tomb Raider Anniversary is an amazing game

wahidasoldier | April 9, 2011 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary - PC

Tomb Raider Anniversary is number eight in this series and may be it is the best one of them untill now. Eidos is the produce company for this game and it really makes hard working to make this game a great one. This game has a high quallity graphic but some times there are some troubles and it has agreat effictive almosphere in sounds and enviroments. The fighting combats is really wounderful and the characters seemed real. The story of this game is good and the secrets take from you alot of time and you collect artfacts to unlock more extra things like Lara clothes and more things. You must look for all items in the area to solve all problems you may face. The game consists of four main levels and every level consisits of some missions. Your enimy is more powerful and the control and motion is really suitable for this game.


One word to describe this game "amazing"

wahidasoldier | April 8, 2011 | Review of NBA 2K11 - PC

I was very impressed with this game from the start. I see many "casual" gamers as they call them are very upset that this game is not to there liking. Go play NBA ELITE 11, oh wait I forgot that got canceled because it wasn't appealing to hardcore gamers like myself. This game hands down deserves Sports Game of the Year. I will admit it has a very sharp learning curve to it but after I played for 3-4 hours it became a piece of cake. With authentic presentation and real-time updates from NBA Today, this game is a complete package for anyone who loves playing basketball. Players feel real, play real. Many have said they like NBA Live better because they actually have control of their player. Players move like they do in 2K11 because it simulates their actual movements in real life! No two players have the exact same shot and defense brings a very competitive aspect when playing against the CPU. One problem that really brings this game down is the online servers. I totally avoid pick-up games because it lags me out every time I tried to play one. 5-on-5 is a joke since it lags every split second which is a real bummer since if online had been perfected, this game would have gotten a perfect score.


Awesome WW2 RTS.

wahidasoldier | April 7, 2011 | Review of Theatre of War - PC

Theatre of War has gotten quite a bad bunch of reviews from these posters. To be honest with you all, I'm not sure why. The game has plenty intuitive control, and the tutorial covers everything from movement to line of sight. Theatre of War offers some of the most detailed controls of any RTS, which are complex and take time to get used to. Using preset functions your squad AI is decently enhanced, and you can focus on the big picture more. Don't think you can leave them sitting though, soldiers need orders. The main thing about Theatre of War that is unique is the size of engagement zones. No longer is the battle taking place on a small farm, it's taking place across a massive length of fields and countryside. The enemy is excellent in the game, and puts up a hell of a fight. No battle is a pushover, which means you have to work to win. You won't appreciate the game fully if you don't have a love of realism and a want to play one of the most challenging and realistic WWII rts games.


Improvement, but still pretty average

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

I guess most reviews would cohere. Surely it is better than the first one, not that the first one was any good, but it's still not good enough. The Good: Amazing graphics, very graphical language.........can't really come up with anything more. THE BAD: buggy game, very linear gameplay, blurred nudity (meh), and slim as none storyline. The multiplayer is okay.... but it had much much more potentials... I first bought this game when I saw "co-op bank robbery". But it's not really all that, trust me.


Better, also worse

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | Review of Battlestations Pacific - PC

A few years later, sure, you'd expect game developers to come up with a sequel for whatever it was selling well. In terms of the graphics it looks absolutely fantastic. It also runs great on my PC. However, I cannot believe my eyes how short and shortline-lacking the singleplayer campaign is!!!!! Awww put that aside, this game has the worst voice acting in the history of gaming (sounds like the few people performed it all). Lastly, er, buggy.


Awesome game

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | Review of Battlestations Midway - PC

I have to say I had low hopes for this game, but the more I played the more the game entertained me. Sure the missions can be long and one false step can lead to an hour of progress to be wasted. But if you drill through it trying different strategies you will defeat the enemy in no time flat. The most helpful thing in this game is the tutorials.. if you go through those you should be fine. Starting the game without the tutorials can make your gaming a lot harder than it actually is. Now the breakdown Gameplay: works extremely well, and the although managing the damage hud can be a bit annoying, you can do fine without management. This may not be the case on the hardest difficulty (did not go through that one yet). Graphics: very nicely done, from the planes to the vistas. Sure, it doesn't look like highly detailed when you get down to it.. but, with you hopping from ship to ship or plane to plane, or even ship to sub you can overlook some of the fine details. Sound: pretty good weapons sone accurate and fulfilling. Value: Replayability is there! Of course these take the form of unlockables.. but what do you expect from an arcadish game? Tilt: I give this game a nice 9 because I personally enjoyed it, and I do tend to play it for short bursts, even the challenges are fun. All in all this game exceeded my expectations and is a very fun game.


i've really enjoyed while playing.

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | Review of Penumbra Black Plague - PC

The atmosphere is great in the game. You can interact almost with everything in the game which makes the game better. Although there's nothing to kill, there are lots of puzzle-kind missions to do. Especially the sound are amazing (it's maybe the best part of the game). voices and musics are nicely fit to the game. The bad thing is it's really really short. I've managed to finish it in 5 hours 20 mins. It could be longer or harder. Yes the game is easy. The story might not be the best out there but they managed to merge it in to the game nicely. control system is a bit harder in the beginning but once you managed to do what you want, it's really fun to open the garbage bin and take the garbage outside. Or these kind of stuffs, that might not related with the story but fun to do. As i said this game is easy. If it wouldn't, it could be a classic If you are looking for a horror adventure and some adrenaline you should give a try. Worth to play !


The past is always better

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | Review of Crazy Taxi - PC

I remember playing this on my (still working) Dreamcast. For today's standard the graphics aren't that great, but, the gameplay is just awesome. The humor, something that I can never get past. One word: Rofl and LOL. Ok two words. Now I never figured out the objective of this game, all I do is drive around town and earn money. The game is great, but very buggy running on my Windows 7 x64. It wouldn't even save the game. Sega, where's my Crazy Taxi 2????


A change of face from Tomb Raider's PC franchise.

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

This is, IMHO, the right call for Lara's fate. I mean in our world not her. To be honest, I already grew tired of playing her after "Legend". If they continue using Lara in this third-person shooter mechanics even with new moves and weapons, I think I'll dump her. Maybe also I grew tired because of the stories, or maybe the puzzles, or... I don't know. Anyway, this game has a kind of refreshing feeling of playing Lara, away from the usual Tomb Raider (is it because not Eidos but Square that they drop the title "Tomb Raider" or is it to seperate this game from the original? hmm). The game uses beautifully textured 3D with an isometric view. Yea, isometric, like many retro adventure and rpg games, you cannot manually rotate or zoom the camera, but the game cleverly does that for you. I really like the environment and the athmosphere; very well done. The animations and actions of Lara are very fast, smooth and responsive. You can play with a partner, that's cool, but not for a PC player like me. Sound effects and musics are good, most are taken from the Tomb Raider's series; Lara's voice is still played by the same Keeley Hawes. Puzzles are good and innovative. The only downside from me is the game's non-playable displays, I mean the menus, inventory, map, etc. They look unpolished and amateurish.


This is an awesome strategy game, loved it!

wahidasoldier | April 6, 2011 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

I just loved this game, its a great strategy game. The gameplay is great too, I like jow you have to spread your army all across the country and the units that you get are great. They put in all different kinds of units like cavalry and foot soldiers, and there are even gunman. this game is just incredible, the tutorial was good and the editor was great as-well, you get too make your own army and create the other army also. You can have up to 15000 soldiers in your army. If you are looking for a great strategy pc game I would definitly recommend this game.


Lots of potential...hoping for an extensive patch.

wahidasoldier | April 5, 2011 | Review of ArcaniA Gothic 4 - PC

As a lover of the Gothic series (with the possible exception of the rather buggy Forsaken Gods), I was very disappointed with this game. The storyline was OK but linear, side quests were mostly kill/find x number of y. There were some difficult battles but a large use of magic ended most fights before the enemy even got near me, magic was too overpowered and once again, missile weapons were way underpowered. The thing I hated most was the teleport system. You couldn't go back to a region via teleport, but you could spend several minutes running there. A linked teleport system would have raised my interest level. I had been looking forward to this for several months but was sorely dissapointed with the final product. In my opinion, the game was delivered too buggy and graphics intensive.