Reviews by waldemarmuhl


Fun but not quite there yet

waldemarmuhl | Feb. 6, 2014 | Review of Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 - PC

I want to like this game, it is trying to do something that I enjoy in some FPS games, making me thing about what to do next before doing it. A lot of FPS games lately have become about personal skill with regards to aim and movement abilities but Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 expects more from you, you need to play your next move, adjust for the various factors and then risk it and take action. The game does that well apart from holding your hand a bit too much for my taste. The problem for me comes in that everything seems to be scripted, the A.I. seems mostly scripted and it takes away from the game's immersion. They've improved on the first game greatly though by removing the frustrating run and gun missions and making it more true to it's name. The game is built on the Cry Engine so the graphics are great and the environments you get to sneak around are done very well. Audio is what is to be expected from any modern title, nothing special but not lacking at all. Fundamentally the game can do with less hand holding and pointing you to exactly what you need to do. Less linear environments and more choice in how to complete your mission with A.I. that can compensate for any changes. If you enjoyed the first one you'll definitely love this one. Don't judge this sequel based on it's predecessor, it's a great improvement.


A good (albeit buggy) sequel

waldemarmuhl | Feb. 6, 2014 | Review of Battlefield 4 post - PC

People tend to forget that Battlefield 3's release was also riddled with bugs and teething issues but it eventually turned into a much loved game. I hope the same is true for the fourth installment in the series. If you are able to look past the bugs and the frustrating hit registry issues and battlelog problems you can have a genuinely good time and you will sink hours of your life into it without even realising. Multiplayer remains by and large where the core of the gameplay lies but Dice has done an excellent job with the single player this time around to bring an enjoyable experience to say the least and a great way to see the graphics and audio technology that encompasses the game in action alongside a good story. Multiplayer feels more and more vehicle oriented especially on the larger maps where travelling on foot will likely get you tank shelled before you reach any objective. This is fine if you enjoy getting in a tank yourself but it does make it difficult if you're playing with a squad full of friends as most vehicles are only really enjoyable for two players at a time. Immersion into the game is great through the graphics, audio and the levolution, however it can be ruined by getting stuck on small rocks/edges or running up to jump over a fence only to end up jumping up and down in one spot. As mentioned though, we all have our fingers crossed that the bugs get fixed. Bottom line is, get it if you enjoy large scale FPS multiplayer battles, you'll definitely have a blast, not sure if that's your thing, get it and you will likely be surprised.