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A bit infantile, but still not bad

waluigi | July 15, 2014 | Review of Puzzle Bots

Unfortunately, in this case graphic style totally compare with the style of the whole game - developed for the younger audience. It's hard to missed especially, when we're watching the relations between human characters in the game - they're rather simplified, naive, not to mentioned that they're quite trivial and without any depth.Surprisingly, the most "adult" characters are the robots we're controlling in this game.

The gameplay is noticeably inspired by such games as Gobliiins, becasue we've got a couple of characters (five, but they're not all available from the beginning), and everyone has some unique abilities. The puzzles are also fitted to the abilities of our robots, so it's rather not too hard to solve most of them, especially with lack of the "moving between locations" and totally simplified inventory (we could even say, that there is no classic inventory).

I don't know why, but even with all these lacks, playing in this game was quite pleasant experience for me. The humor is not something extraordinary (and rather adapted for younger audience), but still brought me some nice and relaxant moments. And solving the puzzles, even with its simplified model, still gave me some fun.

There is not too much to tell about graphic and music. It will be for sure some relief for people, who don't like "retro-style", present in most of Wadjeteye games (like "Gemini Rue" or "Blackwell" series). Music is... Decent. Nothing worth to mention, but also nothing I could complain.

To conclude - it's for sure not one of these "must have" games.You probably won't regret too much if you'll buy this one, but as I've mentioned, don't expect too much. The choice is yours.


Very engaging and emotional plot

waluigi | July 15, 2014 | Review of Resonance

First of all, I must admit that I'm really happy, that I've met this game relatively late. The developing of "Resonance" took really lot of time and effort, but after I'v finished this game, I see that XII Games made a true masterpiece (and it's good that I didn't know about developing of "Resonance" earlier, because it would be a torment to wait so long for this game!).

Let's start with some "technical" innovation. We're rather accustomed, that in adventure games we have already a couple of things we can ask about, depends on the character we're talking and some evidences we've encountered. "Resonance" has something fresh - "taking" the new topics of conversation... from the surroundings. Literally, we're taking the "elements" of locations into our "dialog inventory" and we can ask about it. Of course asking everyone about everything won't do too much, we must still think - who shold be asked about something and why.

Another strong point of this game are four totally different characters. It's really good that Resonance is quite long game, because we've got the time to meet everyone, his psychological profile, weaknesses and some details about the past. Unfortunately, in the last case only Anna Castellanos is really good developed (and her distorted memories about childhood are one of the best parts of the game), about the rest of the "crew" we don't know too much.

Generally, the plot in the game isn't something totally original, but it still have strong points, some sudden twists (one of them is really memorable and grieved me extremely, but I don't want to reveal anything, after all it's adventure game) and is emotionally engaging in some points.

If you like music from other games published or made by Wadjeteye, you won't be disappointed. With plenty of locations there is also a lot of good music, my favourites are the themes for police station and great collider.

It's noticeable harder game than other Wadjeteye titles, so I've needed a couple of times to use the guide to end Resonance. But more experienced players will be probably satisfied, especially with some of the achievements, which require a bit of brilliance and forethought in solving the puzzles.

Dear readers, give "Resonance" a chance, because it's really worth of it. It has quite good developed and interesting plot, lots of locations and NPCs, nice voice cast, challenging puzzles, so generally it has everything, what should have good adventure game.


Fun, fun, fun!

waluigi | July 15, 2014 | Review of Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass

I'm a big fan of almost all adventure games developed (or published) by Wadjeteye Games. But since I'm not a big fan of wrestling, I delayed the launching of "Da New Guys". Unnecessary, because it's really funny and nice adventure game.

First of all, you can easily notice, that in comparition to such titles as Blackwell series or Gemini Rue, here we've got really nice, "cartoon" 2D graphic. And I really like this style. Almost every character has its own, original design, maybe the animation could have used a bit more frames per second, but it's really not bothering me. I like the voice cast in this game - especially main characters (and I love the dialogs between Simon and Brain, they're really hilarious).

It's really tempting to share some of the funny moments or gags in the game, but I don't want to spoil anything - especially because it's one of the best parts of this game. The humor in "Da New Guys" is not vulgar or infantile, so both younger and elder audience can have a lot of fun with this title.

If you already know some of the Wadjeteye's games, you're probably aware that they're not too hard. So if you're the beginner (or you're not too good in such titles, as me), you really should try this one. Unfortunately, there is a big possibility, that more experienced players won't find here any challenge. But even they can give "Da New Guys" a chance, especially if they have enough of "grim" and "dark" titles and want to have some fun. And it's worth to add, that you will have the possibility to control all of three characters during the game, so you won't complain for the lack of diversity (playing of every character will bring some limits and possibilites, for example Brain won't be passed to the places for „adult men”).

To conclude – I really recommend this title. It's short and relatively easy, but brings a lot of fun, and that's the biggest advantage of „Da New Guys”.


This game has one serious problem

waluigi | July 14, 2014 | Review of Plith

First of all, I must admit, that many elements of this game are made quite good. The music is resembling old good MIDI in puzzle games made for Windows 95. Graphic is "clear" and functional. And that's very important in "Plith", since lack of "readability" would be a problem in case of fitting all these gears and other stuff (however, I think that bigger variety of the graphic style, especially of background and "vital" elements of the level, would improve the impressions) . And model with plenty of short levels is for sure the most adequate for the game about putting the gears in right order.

But unfortunately, "Plith" has some serious issue, caused by the missed and unsuccessful assumption in the "core" of this game. The riddles with placing gears can be really great part of adventure game or puzzle game. Yes, the part. In case of "Plith", gameplay became (quite quickly) inevitably boring and repetitive. It's worth to mention, that developer tried to fight with monotony in "Plith" with implementing various types of gears and adding some (other than gears) "props" on the various levels. I appreciate this effort, even if it doesn't help this game too much.

I really like puzzle games, but unfortunately, in this one I've played more than I wanted only to make sure, that my opinion about "Plith" will be reliable. I'm not telling, that it's a bad game, because at the beginning it can bring some fun. But, as I've already mentioned, it became (quite quickly) very repetitive.


Good game, but underdeveloped remake

waluigi | July 9, 2014 | Review of Z

Generally, I like remakes which are trying to save as much from the original game as they can, except some archaic solutions, like uncomfortable control known from Warcraft or Dune II. But unfortunately, I can't say that this version of "Z" could be classified as one of the successfull remakes.

Sure, we've got here plenty of things, which were good in ancestor - nice and original graphic style, memorable and characteristic voices of units, and a bit of humor. However, we've got here also issues with control (especially with mouse scrolling) and resolution (units are too small, while I didn't have any problems with playing on newer computers in such titles as Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee/Exoddus, in that case I have really unpleasant impression, despite the interesting graphic style I've mentioned before).

But the worsest is lack of some things, which were present in original game - maps from add-on, map editor, and, unfortunately, no multiplayer. Developer already announced, that he will repair some of the existing problems with game, but most of them will be focused on control, so the thing which is bothering me the most (lack of multiplayer) probably will remain in current state.

To conclude, I must admit, that it is not the bad game. But it's the merit of these things, which are (generally) intact in comparision to original Z. For now it's not the completely bad idea to buy "Z", but it's quite risky, especially when developers needed to announce the first serious patch so short after the relase.


This game really wants to be like Max Payne. But it isn't.

waluigi | July 8, 2014 | Review of El Matador

First of all - source of inspiration for this game is quite obvious - it's Max Payne. Even main character is DEA agent. But such things don't bother me, if developers are not crossing some hard to define boarder between "strong inspiration" and "imitation". There is only condition - game should bring me lot of fun. And in this point El Matador is the failure.

Nothing is working here, as it should. "Bullet time" in Max Payne was not only intuitive and relatively easy to learn, it also brought a lot of fun. And here I've tried to use it many times, but still I had quite big discomfort with its lack of intuitiveness, efficiency and even with lack of "pageantry".

Amount of weapons is acceptable, but their usage is far from being pleasant. I haven't even half of the feelings I had during using shotguns, pistols, desert eagles and many other weapons in Max Payne. To be honest – I can't even remember any TPS I've ever played, where I had worser experience with the weapons.

And these levels. Sure, MP was also the game, where we were killing enemies and generally nothing more. But in El-Matador they have really monotonous design, and I was playing through them in quite big rush, in hope that the next levels could be better. And I was disappointed in case of this assumption too.

I generally wouldn't recommend this title to anybody. Sure, it's not the complete tragedy, but it's really hard to find the source of motivation to finish this game. Or at least end more than two-three levels.


Quite good, a bit original, but still have some lacks

waluigi | July 2, 2014 | Review of I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon

First of all - it is not too hard to notice, that in-game characters (and generally the whole theme) are inspired with such titles as Plants vs Zombies or Angry Birds. But it didn't bother me, since "I Am Vegend.." has its own, quite nice graphic style and various characters are not only the primitive copy of zombies or plants from famous EA game. And they are looking good. Animations could be more detailed, but it is rather a minor issue.

But what's about gameplay? After playing in this game I was very relieved, that it is not the another tower defense game. "I Am Vegend..." is rather arcade game with some elements of tower defense and puzzle game. We've got our "heroes", which we're using to set directly fire on various enemies. And it's not so easy as it sounds, because enemies can change directions during hopping from one platform to another, and every plant needs to reload after 2-3 series. So the gameplay is very engaging and giving plenty of fun. With decent amount of new enemies and "heroes" unlocked during the game it's sounds really great. But unfortunately, gameplay is spoiled by "interludes", such as bombarding zombies with "carrot-bomber" or piercing the exploding balloons. They're totally unintuitive, hard to perform and generally frustrating. Fortunately, there is not too many of them.

To conclude I must say one thing - if you will be able to withstand these "interludes" I've mentioned before, you will have really nice and challenging game. And I think, that it is really worth to try.


Inconspicuous, but surprisingly enjoyable

waluigi | June 21, 2014 | Review of Battlepaths

It's hard to explain, why title with such visible lacks can bring so much fun. It's in some way simplified, turn-based version of Diablo (even the city where you're starting the game confusingly resembles Tristram) - without any changes in appearance of character (only after a couple of levels he's looking different, no matter which weapon or armor will you have at this moment). Battlepaths is also monotonous - you're doing the same thing through entire game (since it's the clone of Diablo it is not too hard to guess, that you're killing monsters), and there is not too much to do in case of tactics - your character is generally melee fighter, with some limited magic and without distance weapons, like magic staffs or bows.

And yet, it is quite funny and nice title. It has quite reasonable amount of enemies and stuff. There is some challenge in the game at every moment and every improvement of your character is valuable. It has also quite nice graphic style - original, a bit grotesque (although the lack of good animations is noticeable) and generally nice for eyes,

It's one of these titles, where creators knew, that they will create some technical limited and simplified game, but trying to give as much fun as possible. And since they've made it quite well and the price is adequate for game of such class, I would recommend Battlepaths for everyone, who is looking for not too demanding, but enjoyable indie. Especially, when you're the owner of old computer or netbook - because it's going really well on these "groups" of computers.


Nice pack, but carefully with the first DN

waluigi | July 19, 2013 | Review of The Duke Nukem Platformer Pack

Who does not know Duke Nukem? The guy with the highest possible self-esteem in three platform games. Quite nice pack, especially if you're fan of retro - style. Unfortunatly, even if you are, it can be quite hard to play in Duke Nukem I. While Duke Nukem II have still nice and climatic graphic design (of course for fans of old games), his ancestor is hard to accept even for so devoted retro-fan like me. Not to mention the sounds - they can defeat your patience quicker than graphic. There is not even so basic feature in platform gaming like shooting upside. But don't worry - Duke Nukem II and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project are still playable and really satisfactiorily games. Of course Duke Nukem II is much harder than many contemporary platform games, so it will be good if it won't be your first one. And the the icing on the cake - Manhattan Project. That title can be a pleasure even for the younger players, especially with this nice collection of guns (and these pipe-bombs - they are still awesome, just like in Duke Nukem 3D!). In summary - if you don't afraid of the challenges and like the retro-climates - buy it!


More platformer than puzzle - but still quite nice game

waluigi | July 7, 2013 | Review of Gravi cap

It is not the second Braid or Adventures of Shuggy. The "puzzle - element" is not so strong as it is in two previously mentioned games. But still it is worth to try this one. Why? Well, the gameplay require a lot of reflex, especially in narrow corridors with spikes and other, classic for platformers "attractions". After first levels, this game became quite hard. But not frustrating - and that is something, especially for people who like classic platformers. In opposite of many indie games, this one has quite nice and esthetic graphic design. Maybe it doesn't have too big variety (after all, we are still playing in some variations of metal corridors), but it really does not bother. The really low system requirements were nice surprise for me - even netbook users can play in this game without troubles. The music and the sounds are acceptable – there is nothing stunning, but they also don't bother, and are not irritating even after a couple of levels.

I would be really nice if most of the „medium-quality” indie games could look like this one. There is no tray of innovation, but everything is good performed and balanced. It is working fine even on old computers, the control is easy to learn, and the creator of this game has avoided the glitches and bugs. Quite nice platformer, worth to try.