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A Nearly Finished Title in Need of Polish

warprincenataku | March 5, 2015 | Review of Offworld Trading Company - PC

Note: This game is in early access. Offworld Trading Company is a game about building a successful company and ultimately taking over your competitors. To help you along the way there are various auctions for items than can help you or hurt your competitors as well as black market items that can seriously dampen your opponents infrastructure such as emp blasts, dynamite and underground nukes. It's a solid game for what it is, but it I can't help but feel the experience is a bit shallow. The gameplay is simple with on a dozen buildings or so. The maps, whilst they are varied in resources and amounts, don't vary much in looks. I mean, it's Mars, it's a big, red, desolate planet. Multiplayer is where this game really shines, as with most strategy games. There's nothing better than destroying a friend's business with various items you bought on the black market only to have him have pirates hijack precious cargo from shipping lanes. This game is a fun dip in a shallow pool.


Everything I Wanted

warprincenataku | July 7, 2013 | Review of Dawn of Fantasy Kingdom Wars - PC

This game is everything I wanted from Stronghold-stlyed game. It's buggy, it's laggy, it's in desperate need of some polishing, but at its core it's a fun experience. If you are interested in this style of game, I strongly suggest checking this game out. Upgrading your stronghold is very fun. It's a wonderful feeling when you put up your first wooden walls and the feeling carries over when your first (human city) stone walls get erected around your keep. Combat is buggy, but functional. Upgrading your troops is a fun little idea that needs a bit of ironing out. Fight, level, do quests, battle online or go coop with a friend or alliance member. This game is very well monitored by its creators. Question are answered in game and on the forums quickly. They are constantly working on bug fixes and taking new ideas into consideration. This game has a lot going for it, but feels a bit like a beta. With its fun gameplay and interesting building mechanics,I will be playing for quite some time.