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A good few hours of fun

weesals | May 6, 2014 | Review of A Game of Dwarves - PC

The game was quite fun for a few hours, while discovering how the various mechanics work together. It definitely has a dwarf-fortress feel to it, digging out an optimal network of caves. The graphics are also quite nice. After mastering the quite simplistic mechanics, which can be beat by simply placing hundreds of instances of the most optimal version of each object type, the game becomes a little boring. There was also very little feeling of progression through the game, after investing a lot of time into your perfect fortress, the game suddenly ends and you have to start again from scratch. The campaign felt incomplete and did not keep me playing. After the introduction missions, the game increases difficulty simply by providing harder enemies, making the biggest obstacle for completing missions simply how long you are willing to wait and train your troops before you commit to battle. I still found it to be worth the relatively small asking price and would recommend it to others looking to fill a few hours with something a little different.