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Despite the reviews, a fun experience

wheat108 | Dec. 3, 2013 | Review of Medal of Honor Warfighter NA Origin - PC

I don’t think Medal of Honor: Warfighter deserves all the bad reviews. It seems to me that reviewers used this game to vent their suppressed frustration against developers for not innovating in the FPS genre, and this game was “low profile” enough that their angst and apathy could be expressed without the internet blowing up and bringing out the pitch forks. It is essentially the same game as COD and Battlefield, and those games review well enough every year. You should know I get these FPS games primarily for the single player campaign (yes we do exist), and not at all for the multiplayer. I enjoyed my time with the campaign. The feel of the guns are great, they feel substantial. You know when you’re hitting an enemy, albeit they are still a bit too much like bullet sponges for my liking. I think Danger Close and Dice need to abandon the slavish recreation of a COD single player campaign, including regenerating health and excessively garish HUD elements (do I need to have a massive shield icon above the heads of my AI teammates? Really?). Those remnants of game design feel patently absurd in a game that purports to strive for realism and portray the top tier of elite soldiers. The ARMA games have shown that you can really have realism in a game, if you adjust the pacing and the game design. I would also like my AI teammates to stay out of my field of fire, and quit pushing me out of cover so they can shoot ineffectually at the enemy, but alas those traits are intact from shooters of this ilk. Once you overlook the niggling holdovers of bad game design, and just settle in to the enjoyment, it’s a fun game. There are some really great car chase sequences in Warfighter that surprised me. I found them to be tense and well executed. I was on the edge of my seat, and it definitely gave me the feeling of being inside an action movie, which seems to be all these modern shooters strive for. Rather than embracing the unique qualities of interactive games, we get developers emulating films, as if they were the same thing (at the least developers could adopt the cinematic ideas of dramatic tension and empathetic characters to benefit the games story, but instead they’ve recreated only the whiz bang). Well developers, hate to break it to you, but they aren’t the same thing at all. David Cage, are you listening? Ok, so I’ve devolved into a mixed bag review. But the final point to be made is that the game is fun despite itself. Ignore the absurdities of design, and the unintelligible “story”, and you’ll have some fun. I wish they would just ditch multiplayer in this franchise altogether, but I know it's just wishful thinking.



wheat108 | Nov. 23, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 - PC

I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite. Burial at Sea is a disappointment. Given the possibilities available from a premise involving infinite universes and configurations of reality, what Irrational Games chose to go with is more Rapture? In my opinion, this is creatively bankrupt, especially given the high standards of world building we received from Infinite. Apart from that, what you get with Burial at Sea is a very short experience, a few scattered enemies, and very little eve or ammunition making it actually difficult to enjoy the shooting mechanics of the game itself. Irrational will just say they're making it more challenging, changing up the pacing and strategy of combat. That's all well and good, but unfortunately it makes the game a lot less enjoyable. After all, the reason we're playing is to have fun right? The first half of my two hour play through involved walking around Rapture and looking at things. This is great in a full length game, but when the TOTAL play through is two hours it just doesn't cut it. The second hour involved re-visiting all the things I looked at the first hour, but this time looking for a "Key to the Door" and killing a few bunny hopping splicers who happen to be crack shots. I guess splicing improves your aim, and gives you extremely annoying attack animations. The fact that they are charging 15 dollars for this is ludicrous and insulting. It amounts to the short prologue of what will be fleshed out in the following DLC, and it has left a bad taste in my mouth.