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Out of the shadows

whippyice | Oct. 10, 2013 | Review of Shadowrun Returns - PC

i've never played the old shadow run, so as a possible outside i wasn't not sure what to expect heading into the game, firstly i noticed the simple art style which really sets the tone of the game nicely there is a very heavy ambient vibe to your surroundings and when it comes to a cyber punk style of game that is a great thing, the music compliments the rest of the scene nicely. but it seems to build you up for this big pay off when frankly i don't feel it comes all that well it's a decent effort and is well planned out and feels solid but i couldn't help but think it was lacking some thing a little more. how ever when you get past this inital odd feeling and settle into the caricature building and so on, you manage to bring some of that missing feeling back it was was an overall pleasant experience that i think is good for a half an hour run every so often but i don't think it will keep you coming back for more.