Reviews by willfosnot


More is better

willfosnot | June 4, 2013 | Review of Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II CR SEGA - PC

This game expands the Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II base game and adds new missions, new heroes, new weapons, and new mechanics to the gameplay. It is still a RTS game, so you are controlling you units and fighting. Play solo or with a friend on Games for Windows Live. I am not a fan of GFWL, compared to just using Steam networking, but it works. Visually the game looks great. You can zoom in and watch the battles (but that is more for specific fights) - RTS is best played from afar so you can see as much as possible. Missions are broken into smaller story pieces, so you can play for short periods and still progress (nothing worse than an RTS battle lasting over an hour and having to quit in the middle with no save feature).


Mini racer

willfosnot | June 4, 2013 | Review of Bang Bang Racing - PC

With so many racing games (from sims to arcade to multiplayer) - where does this game fit in? Well do you remember racing your remote controlled car in the basement - - that is what this game feels like. The cars are mini - so this game is not trying to be like a sim with realistic physics. Also different is the racing perspective, this is more of an isometric view of the race track. It is good for a couple of hours on entertainment. Another side bonus it the split-screen local player mode (the kids can play each other just like they would on an xbox).


I am the bat...

willfosnot | June 4, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

This is how a super-hero / comic book game should be done! It has awesome graphics - the detail on the characters is amazing. The story is fantastic - it's hard to stop playing because you want to find out more and keeping discovering more. The story is basically linear, but there are other things to do to keep you busy (like finding all of the hidden Riddler trophies). There is also the combat challenge mode - to test you skill. Since this is a Batman game, you fight with your fists and gadgets (no guns - except on the baddies) - but this it what makes the game so fun. Learning new combos and attacks.