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Bloody Fantasy

win154 | Jan. 17, 2014 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

STORY : 10/10 A great novel for video game. It's good enough for make a movie. it's very complex but it'll make u surprise in climax. GAMEPLAY : 7/10 Shoot, smash, use vigor(magic skill) for kill enemy. Find out for money for upgrade ur gun and vigor, infusion potion for upgrade ur stats(shield,health,vigor). It's linear gameplay in bigmap. Will be much more better if weapon slot is 4 or more. GRAPHIC and SOUND : 9/10 Very fantastic but not the best. Like a combination with realistic and cartoon. Great Bloody Fantasy. OST. is very good. The game has a lot of nice music. If u wanna play a real bioshock infinite, I suggest u to play 1999 mode for more challenge and achievement.(after complete the game once in normal or easy mode) When I complete the game once in hard mode, I thought the gameplay is so common. But 1999mode make me like the gameplay. This mode's very hard. especially, Lady Comstock fight. I suggest u to upgrade just Possession, Shock, Sender vigor and only weapon damage for all(except pistol, hail fire and burst gun) but upgrade all for repeater and RPG for the last fight. and don't buy anything from Dollar Bill for "Scavenger Hunt" achievement. Equip Winter Shield and Sky-Line Reloader when u can use skyline, u'll become immortal.