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Game of the Year !!

wolferatus | March 30, 2014 | Review of South Park The Stick of Truth POST (1) - PC

This game is amazing, if you like South Park then this Game is a 1000000% MUST HAVE game!! If you don`t know who or what is South Park, but you love funny games and rollplay games, this is a must have too!! Pro: A lot of fun Long Playtime Many Quests Funny Story Funny Costumes, Weapons, and items A lot of crazy and funny Boss-fights Realy good and funny Music locks like the real TV Show Wonderful made Map (Canada is well done) Contra: Hitler Voice is funny but after a few times its annoying and if you know german, it makes no sence what they add as voices! Hitler said much more then only the few things in that game what would be much better but yeah, maybe they didn`t know german too :) A little Contra, only English Voices, for peoples who don`t understand english its maybe not so funny, the TV Show was translated in many languages. I give this game a 10 of 10 points, i would give more if there would be more points :) it`s amazing, realy, buy that game its worth the money (but please buy the UNCUT!!)


Stealth and action

wolferatus | Sept. 25, 2013 | Review of Dark - PC

i got this game from a friend, first i was not sure if i will play it, a lot of peoples told me its a bad game, but i though i try it at least out and that was good. Stealth and action is a big theme of this game, i started to try it in hard but honestly, its like all new games, hard is not realy hard. if you loved games like thief or old splinter cell games, i think this game will be a good option for you without Stealth you have not much change on this game because you dont have weapons to fight, you have to study the ways and secrets to master the levels. its a game only for peoples who realy enjoy games to play with time and not as fast as you can to finished it.


Finaly Fifa is back

wolferatus | Sept. 25, 2013 | Review of FIFA 14 - PC

yeah, one of the best soccer games ever, fifa is back and much better than 2013. skills, emoticons and players locks better, i played fifa on ps1+2 and since 2010 on pc. i didnt liked 2013 much but fifa 2014 is much better, if you enjoyed 2012 you will love 2014, because you need again more skills, your players are on the right place now and not all on the middline like it was on 2013. if you thinking about to buy it but you are not sure, than try the demo out. ultimate is back, yeah and you have again the same free play like on 2012. i realy loved mini games on fifa and in 2014 you have skill games and free training.


nice retro game

wolferatus | Sept. 25, 2013 | Review of PACMAN Championship Edition DX EU - PC

on my child times i loved tetris and pac man, i always played it on my gameboy, i was so exited as i saw its coming for steam, i tried this game out and its a nice remake. you have a lot of crazy levels, designs, music and enemies. there are levels from 1 minute to 10 minute or time battle, where you have to eat so fast as you can. if you loved pac man, you will enjoy this game too, its not the same but its funny and i realy like it.



wolferatus | Sept. 25, 2013 | Review of Scribblenauts Unmasked A DC Comics Adventure - PC

this game is amazing, if you never played scribblenauts, give it a try, you will enjoy it. you have to use your creativity and a bit of brain to master this game. DC has a lot of characters like batman, catwomen and much more, also you can use the batcomputer to read all information about dc heroes and bad boys.


Rayman is back, better then ever

wolferatus | Sept. 18, 2013 | Review of Rayman Legends - PC

This game is so amazing, if you loved Rayman Origins, you will love legends more, origin was a realy fast game, but Legends not, only if you play time match. The diferrent is you have new levels on time match, you dont play the same level like it was on origins. you have a lot of archivements to pick up, if you have this game fpr steam you still need uplay. bat back to the game, this game has a lot of sweet and lovly animations, levels are fun, not too easy and if you like to do 100% sometimes you have to trie it again and again :). then there are challanges every day 2 new and 1 extrem weekly challange, i love this game realy, i would give 100% but the online modus has a lot of cheater and ubi is not fixing this problem, so i give only 98/100.


Old School Jump and Run game

wolferatus | Sept. 4, 2013 | Review of Castle of Illusion - PC

This Game is so sweet, if you have childrens, this is the best game you can buy. And if you are a big Child than buy it too. Graphics are beautyful, voices are original from disney movie autor, no bad or ugly synchrone, game is in english with subtitels. Best way to play this game is with Gamepad. The Story is easy, you have to safe Minni, like old Mario Games with Peech :), If you are a nostalgyfan, its a must have! 10/10 Points + nice graphic + not to easy + nice game for kids + original voices + nice price + must have for fans + music


Saints Row the IV - better then ever

wolferatus | Aug. 23, 2013 | Review of Saints Row IV Nexway - PC

This game is so funny, if you loved Saints Row the third, you will love IV, a must have for Saints fans. The graphic is better than on "the third" and story the story has the same awesome humor! Buy it, comone buy it, you know you need this XD


Worms are back, better then ever

wolferatus | Aug. 20, 2013 | Review of Worms Clan Wars - PC

Worms are back! With new weapons, new maps and a new multiplayer is waiting for you! Create your owen Clan and fight with friends agains other Clans or play multiplayer like on other Worms games! New Archivements are waiting too and the best think you can create your owen map and worm :)


Payday is back

wolferatus | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

If you love Payday 1 than you will love Payday 2. Its so fun to play that game Online with friends or other players you don`t know. Gameplay has a nice graphic, story is easy to understand and there are many locations where you can do your job and earn money. And thats not all, if you complete a mission you can drope special items like masks, weapons, money and a lot of other thinks. Buy it if you love games like this ;)


Old School memories

wolferatus | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of Duck Tales Remastered - PC

If you loved your Nes and Snes times, than Ducktales is the best Game you can buy, its a remastered edition but you get the feelings like you had on a Nes(Snes. The Story is not too log and gameplay is not so easy as it seems, its a game for all ages. Try it and complete it if you can :)


Sims on an Island

wolferatus | July 4, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3 Island Paradise - PC

This AddOn is realy nice, you can swimm under water, travel to Islands and live there or open your oven resort. This AddOn brings new ways to play to the Sims and you never saw this amazing thinks on other Sims games before! A lot of Sims 3 AddOns dont bring much new thinks live Seasons, we know that from Sims 2 and Sims 1 already but Paradise is a new idea you never had on Sims 1 and 2. Also you get new items and cloths for your Sims. If you are a Sims Fan its a must have!! Buy it, you will love it!!


Grid 2 love it

wolferatus | June 2, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

I never played Grid1 but I decited to try this year Grid2, normaly I always play Need for Speed games but since the past years there where no realy good NFS. And now I`m realy happy, because Grid2 is a nice game, it took a little bit to lern how to controll the car with controller but than its awsome. I give this game 90/100 points. Graphic is not the best but for this game better good enought. And yeah, graphic is not all if the gameplay is right and this game has a funny and good gameplay. give it a try


Pay onces and Play free

wolferatus | May 7, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition (1) - PC

I played the Beta and bought GW2, if you like MMOG`s or RPG`s you will like this game, but its not so good like GW1 and the AddOns. But the publisher are still trying to add new thinks and new challenges, so you have always somethink to do! If ou dont like MMOG`s with monthly Paymant, buy this game, you will enjoy it and its not like F2P games that you have to buy thinks on the item store, you can do this game easy without purchasing! You can play when ever you like and the servers run very well, you finde always peoples to play and you can enjoy this game s PVP or PVE.


Hitman is back after a lot of years

wolferatus | May 7, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

Hitman was a realy good game, NO, it is a good game! Hitman Absolution has a nice graphic, good sound, a nice atmosphere and good places. the only think i didnt liked on that game was the ranking list, for every map you get points and for every kill you lose ponts, its like playing a game to be better than my friend! the Steam Workshop is nice, you can do your oven missions and let it play your friends or other Hitman players, its very easy to create and also you get a lot of new missions from other player!


Streaming Open World Game with Combats and a nice Multiplayer

wolferatus | May 7, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend Soundtrack - PC

The PC version of Brütal Legend include the Hammer of Infinite Fate and Tears of the Hextadon multiplayer map packs for free. If you like open World Games, with fun and action you will love this Game, if you like heavy metal music than buy this game with soundtrack, you will enjoy it. About the game I only can say, that`s a funny game, I`m not a fan of heavy metal music but I realy love open world games, so i tried this one out and have to say it was realy nice, full of gags, ironie and very funny gameplay parts. buy it and rock it!!


An evil Kid

wolferatus | May 2, 2013 | Review of Lucius - PC

This game is realy good, played a lot of times and if you like adventures or point and click games this game will be good for you too, the kill endings are realy hard and some puzzles are not so easy. if you make a mistake you have to play the level again, the ending is a little bit bad but the game selfe is very nice.


Funny and a nice game

wolferatus | May 1, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - PC

This game is realy good, full of jokes and irony, if you love Far Cry 3 or other Shooter this is a must buy, music is very nice too, I`m not realy a fan of cyberspace games or old music but this game is worth the 15€ as hell! graphic look very nice, for this price i haven`t seen games with that good graphic. Gameplay is like Far Cry 3, only with Cybers :)