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Go for it if you like fighting with fists

wondrous | Jan. 9, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

Every one compares it with GTA series. But I wanna compare it with saints row 3. for short, this game is a simplified saints row 3 in asia + kung fu. why it is "simplified"? because I think you see some things in saints row, but they are not comparable; and you see other things not in saints row, and they are not well implemented. Many cars and motocycles? yes but cannot be customized. Tanks and aircrafts? No. It is the same as for guns, and you don't actually have any guns until you get it from others. Storyline? Linear and feel more boring and less dynamic and creative than saints row. You basically get a call for help (from bad guys or good guys), you go there do some free run and fight someone and done, which is very very common nowadays. Someone may say hey you can also attract ladies, but you will be upset as your date is a one time task and strictly scripted. Some one may also argue that there is hacking systems and planting bugs which are not in saints row, but if you ever played that, it is extremly easy. The only spot shining would be the racing, as it is as challenging as a bug if you don't have a good car. However, again, if you HAVE a good car, it will be as easy as a bug. In the end, the story telling is not solid, and it is more like fight before think. But behold, kung fu! This is definately the thing saints row does not have. Guns in this game is much less effective than your fists and legs. There is tons of combinations of kung fu actions you can conduct, and all feel extremly satisfying. You can choose to attack with fancy series of strikes on weak baddies, or counter-attack those tough guys, and you can even use enviromental stuffs to perform cirical attack. In saints row, the melee attack is basically not implemented which are basically funny show ups. In sleeping dogs, it feels like an embeded street fighter.


A solid Diablo type action RPG [Steam version]

wondrous | Dec. 31, 2012 | Review of Titan Quest - PC

I think many ppl get this game in the last Humble Bundle, and here is something about this game: The game is released when COD 2 was out, the developer has been closed years ago, and the publisher files bankruptcy now... So you think this game is outdated and terrible? NO. The game has everything a diablo-type RPG game should have. You have a tons of career paths, various pets in which some is as good as a bug (of course to the enemies) and equipment enchanting, etc. The story line is better than many fictional products (the first title comes across is Clash of the Titans film...and 2), because you will fight through ancient Greece, Egypt and silk road and each place is well polished. The multiplayer part is even better causes you most likely need to adopt an appropriate career path different from the one for single player. Last, there are tons of resources and forums about this game. you can find mods, tools and even fan-patch collections purely to balance and debug the game after the developer was gone. Wait, I did this review specifically for steam users. Bad news: you can't use most of the tools and mods as they are for retail version of the game only. Steam version even has a different version No. Without them, and if you haven't bought the Immortal throne expansion, you have tons of disadvantage such like limited vault size. However, you can check my explanation in this thread: I showed how to enable the two amazing tools,TQvault and TQdefiler, for steam version. If you have problems in the gameplay, such as having difficulties in completing side quests, check this community forum: