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New to the series

wooglah | March 25, 2014 | Review of Tomb Raider GOTY - PC

I never liked Tomb Raider. I know, it's a classic and everything and I've tried the first three games in the series back then when they were published... and later, gave it another chance with Underworld... But it was not my thing. I do not like games where *hard puzzle* means that camera is glued to your back so you can't see where to jump next. While there are some lame moments in this game, like all the quick time events, it's actually pretty fun to play. I had some free time last summer and managed to play and finish it in 24 hours straight, then went to sleep for another 12 hours. While that may sound insane, it does say a lot of the game, because I can't remember the last time that happened... Maybe with Sea Dogs back when I was below 20, and that was a decade ago. So, yeah, there's an interesting story, nice maps for exploring, a lot of action, some easy puzzling, beautiful graphics and sound, and a lot of optional stuff to collect if you like that. Get it sometime, you will not be sorry.


Excellent game!

wooglah | May 31, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez Gunslinger Steam - PC

Worth every penny! Great atmosphere is build by using not only cell-shaded graphics and great combat mechanics, but also with innovative narration style which is really involving and fun. After you finish campaign/story, there are 15 arcade missions which are, in a way, even more fun, once you unlock all the skills so you can make combo chains. I would recommend this game to EVERYONE! Negative: No user profiles, you have to overwrite the save when starting a new game. That's more common in new games than I would like.


Make the game even better

wooglah | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Who wants to be a Millionaire Movie DLC - PC

This game really benefits from buying DLC packs. It's not something you wanna play on a daily basis, but if you like to quiz your knowledge on different topics, or have some fun with friends, get the game and this DLC and prepare to find out how many things about movies you don't know.


Refreshing, better than GTA4

wooglah | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

I liked GTA series since the first game and it's expansion, really enjoyed GTA2 and GTA3 for years, have been avid fan of Vice City and played my share of San Andreas... But I can not forgive what Rockstar has done with awful porting of GTA IV to PC. That game is like a damaged tank trying to go down the walkway. Sleeping Dogs is, in that manner, much better game. Optimized, with nice graphics and believable city, engaging story and nice mechanics, specially kung-fu moves while fighting... It's not as over-the-top as Saint's Row the Third, nor as unpolished as GTA IV, but just right, in the middle, just as the third bed in the story about Goldilocks.


Really fun DLC

wooglah | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Pack - PC

I hate stupid DLC which don't give you anything useful, but this one is really great. You get a new class, which is a girl with a huge robot she can summon. So, you kite around the enemies, snipe them and play as usual, but when they come close, you summon deadly robot destroyer to teach them a lesson or two. My first playtrough was with Zero, and this DLC provides quite a different experience gameplay wise, so I would recommend it to everyone who bought Borderlands 2 (wherever you got it, game and DLC are steamworks).


I like it

wooglah | July 8, 2012 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

Not a fan of Tomb Raider games, or Prince of Persia (except the first one from the 80s, of course) series. I like to see what's going on, and camera angles in these type of games are weird in my opinion. The Guardian Of Light is entirely different, an action game based upon the best arcade hits, with view from the birds perspective, engaging action and interesting puzzles to solve.


Better than Generatipons

wooglah | July 8, 2012 | Review of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 - PC

Old school game play mechanics and decent graphics, but nothing worth praising or celebrating the return of "Sanic". Could be used as a gateway to olden 16-bit days when we all cheered "SEGA!" with the start of almost every game...


RIP 3D Realms

wooglah | July 8, 2012 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

After playing "Prey" and seeing what DNF was supposed to look like, I can only say that it is sad to see it unfinished and unpolished like this. I guess we could have know that Gearbox would not spend their lives trying to make it *perfect* as 3D realms would, but they should not have taken the game because of the marketing stunt in the first place, if they just wanted to get rid of it and start the work on Borderlands 2. One more kill for the old times, Duke!


Could be better

wooglah | June 23, 2012 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Most of the advanced options from Civ III and Civ IV are missing. I'm assuming authors are keeping them for DLCs, so they can sell them separately and take more money. Nevertheless, it's fun to play, bu I doubt I'll play it for years like I did with Civ III.



wooglah | March 27, 2012 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Not perfect, but ok. Could be better, but there might be an expansion, so...