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Spend Countless Hours Exploring, Slaying, and Hoarding

wulffman | Dec. 14, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

STORY: It's hard to gauge the story in such an open game. However, the main storyline is quite interesting, as are a number of the side-quest stories. It's quite easy to get lost in such a huge world full of so many characters, quests, and tucked away surprises. Almost everything feels epic, and the few things that don't are still fun too! GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is simpler than previous installments to the Elder Scrolls series. Fewer choices, in terms of armor and weapons, but definitely a good time nonetheless. With tons of spells and special abilities to find and learn, you likely won't get bored of this game for quite some time. VISUALS: The visuals in Skyrim are downright stunning. Scenic views of the distant mountains, beautiful trees up close, and everything in between from giants and mammoths to birds and buildings. Lower graphical settings in this game still look good, but high settings are just breathtaking. I found myself stopping just to look around at the scenery a lot in this one. SOUND: The ambient sound in Skyrim is excellent. Sounds of the wilderness really help the level of immersion for the player. The music is always fitting and almost always catchy - you may find yourself humming or whistling along rather often. OVERALL: Skyrim is amazing despite the few simplifications from its predecessors. The game is tons of fun and exploration is a huge part of that. If you like open world RPGs, I strongly recommend this. If you liked previous Elder Scrolls games, you're quite likely to really enjoy this one too.


Turn Back Now!!!

wulffman | Dec. 14, 2012 | Review of Lunar Flight - PC

GAMEPLAY: Unfortunately, I was not impressed with this game at all. Maybe it just wasn't for me, but the awkward controls and unfriendly camera(s) turned me away from enjoying just about anything in this game. At it's core, Lunar Flight is an update to Lunar Lander from the gaming days of yore. I could see this game's potential for those who enjoy a deep simulator with a steep learning curve. However, for anyone else, your money is better spent elsewhere. VISUALS: The visuals in this game were relatively good. The graphics and models won't blow you away, by any means, but it does feel like a relatively new game. The cameras are a little stiff and hard to manage, and sometimes they don't convey the information you need as well as I'd like. The camera is really my biggest gripe with the visuals. Everything else is decent. SOUND: The sound effects in this game really lend themselves well to this game - all fit perfectly. For me, this was one of the strongest aspects to this game. There isn't much in the way of music, but that's okay. Rocketing around the moon doesn't really need music. Instead, this game has a lot of ambient sounds over the radio system in your little lander. It works. OVERALL: This game was not enjoyable at all, for me. However, all is not lost. If you really enjoy simulation games and don't mind the learning curve, then this game may be for you! Definitely watch a few videos before picking this one up, and if you're the impatient type, avoid it entirely.


Borderlands 2

wulffman | Dec. 13, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA post - PC

STORY: The story of Borderlands 2 is one I was iffy about at first, as I wasn't sure how much I'd like the new characters. Being a huge fan of the first game, I got attached to the characters in that game. However, Borderlands 2 really stepped up on this one and making the characters from the first a part of the story-telling aspect of the game really worked out well. The writing is a nice mix of epic and hilarious. The villain is just an obnoxiously mean guy early on, and over the course of the game becomes someone you truly despise. GAMEPLAY: The controls are spot on and even tighter than the first go 'round. Enemies AI is a bit more unpredictable than in the first game as well, which provides a new challenge, along with more variations amongst enemy types. Gun collecting is still a primary objective, but for me that's almost half the fun. There's more exploration left to the player in this one, as well, with easter eggs and secrets tucked away nicely just out of sight. The game is really more fun to play with others, but I quite enjoy solo too. Hard to deny the increase of a good time while playing with friends, though. VISUALS: The graphics are a massive step up in this game. The aesthetic is still the same, just with more vibrant colors and variation in locations. If you've got a video card that can make use of NVidia's PhysX engine, and do it well, the debris will be /everywhere/. SOUND: The acting in this game is excellent, save for some NPC extras dialogue - some of those are cheesy and downright terrible acting. All the music fits in very nicely and all of the sound effects sound just right. Solid in almost every way, here. OVERALL: If you liked the first game, you'll love this one. A few things have changed, but everything that is different was absolutely an improvement. I would definitely recommend getting this game, particularly if you've got friends who have it or want it. You won't be disappointed.