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Above Average As Is - Could be Great after the Expansion

xLordBelialx | Oct. 20, 2013 | Review of Legends of Aethereus

LoA is a newer game from Three Gates. It's very innovative in that it is an action rpg where you level your character's invidual stats but they are in a offset system. Your character cannot be both very strong yet agile. These stats are counter productive to each other, and while you could make him balanced in both you will not become a god on either end as they share the same bar and move towards each other. The stats in this game also differ from other ARPGS as they truly affect how strong your character is. It uses a physics based system and if you have made your character exceptionally strong when you melee someone they will fly backwards or fall down. It truly is an innovative system, if not still a little unbalanced and buggy in its current form. The game can be brutally hard when facing many enemies at once as they can stagger lock you due to the above nature, and therefore the game is best played with friends. It is co-op up to 4 players and you can play the entirety of the game together. There are currently 2 starting classes each with some of the most extensive ability branching trees I've seen in a game of this nature, and they've said they will bring more in the future. The current two starters are a melee focused build and an engineer who focuses on bolt-action fire arms and bombs. The crafting system is very very well done and all items in the game may be made with different materials and colors of fabric/cloth to create a unique looking outfit that also has variable strength depending on the materials used. The arsenal is extensive due to the ability to mix and match pieces of your weapons like hilts, stocks, blades etc. The story is decent for a game of this nature, but if its not your thing the game itself should keep you interested. They just recently updated the arena mode to be much more involved with the recent Steam greenlight and promise to bring many more updates on the way. The only negative thing I have to stay about the game now is the combat issues I mentioned earlier, but hopefully balancing will come in later patches. They have already promised a 3rd starting class to be coming in the FREE expansion in Q1 2014 which will add a lengthier campaign. All in all the game feels sort of betaish, but I recommend if you have the money to buy it and get your friends to play together, support the devs, and help make this game what it obviously has the potential to be.


A fun yet simple space sim.

xLordBelialx | June 28, 2013 | Review of Galaxy on Fire 2™ Full HD

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a port of the IOS game at high definition. It is a simple space sim reminiscent of the games of old that we space sim players love. Despite its great simplification, there are still trading aspects to the game, but the emphasis is on the combat. The game does look very nice, and space sims with this graphical quality have not been released lately. The game is very short however, and even taking the time to get the best ships and parts will not take you more than 20 or so hours on hard difficulty. There were 2 expansions on the IOS that are not present here and that is a shame as they greatly add to the quality of the experience. I believe there is still no plan to add this as dlc unfortunately.
If you love space sims, and can get this on sale I recommend it.


Prepare to die....less than in Demons souls

xLordBelialx | June 28, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (NA)

Dark souls is the successor to Demon's souls back on PS3. While not as hard as its predecessor, Dark soul's does still provide the difficulty lacking in most of today's games. If you've never played a souls game, they are action rpgs with combat similar to games like the Gothic series/ Risen, Monster Hunter etc. Stamina is used to simply swing your weapon, you will die just as fast as the enemies you are fighting if you are not careful. But as with most traditional games, all enemies have tells to their attacks, and once you learn the strategies to enemies the game can become quite easy.

If you've played this back on the consoles it does indeed look and play better than there. Most reviews stating that its a poor port are ill placed as there are many worse ports, and the fact that this looks and plays better on pc classifies it as a good 'port' imo.

This version comes with the new dlc that opens up some of the back story to the Dark soul's universe and does add a considerable amount of content to the game.

If you've never played Dark Souls and like challenging games I definitely recommend you pick this up. If you did play on the consoles as I did , but are in love with this game I recommend getting it as well. Supporting From Software may lead to Dark Souls 2 hopefully releasing on PC at some point as well.


Arcade Fun from the Past

xLordBelialx | June 28, 2013 | Review of Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

Dnd Chronicles of Mystara is an upscaled game compilation of Shadows of Mystara and the Tower of Doom. First off, the tower of doom portion of the game is not nearly as well done, and in the shadow of its sequel pales in comparison. The game itself pushes you towards this fact as the title screen opens to the sequel rather than the original game.

If you have used programs like MAME in the past to play these, there isn't much new here for you, however the net play is coded very well and playing with several people no ones' pings ever went above 100 ms. The graphics are also slightly upscaled compared to the original arcade version and also supports wide-screen formatting. The extra unlockables IMO do add to the replay value, and after beating the game once or twice you are able to turn on special modifiers such as no extra lives, vampire health steal, faster gold income, etc. These can either add to the challenge on subsequent run throughs.

The multiplayer is where this game shines and all of the classes bring something new to the table. The mage is excellent at clearing the field or hurting bosses, however his limited spell uses and weak defense make playing as him alone nigh impossible. The thief allows the opening of chests without keys, and can see traps before they're set off. There are also hybrid characters as well as the traditional cleric and warrior.

I'd give this game a higher rating if not for the fact you can see most of the content within 2 hours and is not worth the full purchase price. If you wait however for a price drop, I definitely recommend satisfying your nostalgia and stepping back into the lands of Mystara with a friend or 3.


Best Strategy Game In Ages- Holds up to its predecessors

xLordBelialx | June 21, 2013 | Review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (NA)

XCOM definitely holds up to its predecessor. All the attributes that made the series famous: its difficulty, customization/in-depth planning, and mission variety are all here. Although it is different to see a turn-based game nowadays, the enjoyment you will get isn't detracted from at all. During combat sequences the camera will zoom in and make you feel part of your team's struggle.

The decisions you make throughout the game will impact you and the world as the months progress against the alien invasion. I would not recommend playing this game on Impossible as it is just that, and almost no one has even come close to beating it. The game can be very unfair at times, and even following guides you will have trouble completing it on hard, especially if you are playing on ironman mode ( no reloading at checkpoints/auto saves every turn).
If you are a masochist like me however, you will enjoy the game for the challenge, and spend countless hours attempting to find the best possible scenarios to win. I highly recommend XCOM, however the DLCS are not worth your money. They only add around an hour or two of content and does not add to the overall enjoyment. If they ever offer a package deal where they are next to free it may be worth it though.