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xNomaD | April 30, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

I was hoping for so much from this game after viewing all the game trailers the developers were putting out. A true aliens game taking after the cult classic films? Couldn't be possible, right? Of course not. The game does not live up to its Aliens name, shoddy gameplay, graphical bugs, terrible AI, and a boring story ruin this first-person shooter. I did complete the game the first day it came out, but only by sheer hope that it would get better. This was not the case, it starts slow and ends slower. The one redeeming trait of Colonial Marines, was the weapons. They sounded perfect and felt pretty good to fire. Sadly this is not enough to save the game or the marines at the other ends of said weapons. If you are looking for a FPS to hold you over until the next Battlefield or Call of Duty game, pass on this one. Find yourself something better for a cheaper price with less problems.