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A Very Good Game. Worth every penny

xann89 | July 23, 2012 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

First of all, this is a PC-port, but make no mistake about it, it is a well-polished port. The developer is listening to our feedback and constantly improving the game and patching up those nasty bugs. Second of all, this port comes with enhanced graphic, and it really looks good, and that makes the system requirement fairly high. (I'm using Pentium E2160 and HD6670. Set everything to low 1440x900 reso, pretty playable) Now, it's a horror-survival game. Replace the zombies with a shadowy-ghosty-human, and add a torchlight to your left hand, and you have Resident Evil 4. The gameplay is good. All you do is running around, killing enemies and collect a bunch of stuffs. BUT, this game IS NOT boring, I repeat, ISN'T boring. Instead, it has a very interesting story to it. Apart from that, this game has a evade mechanic which means you can evade your enemies' attack. Plus, if you like novels, you will definitely love the narration of the game and menuscripts (which you've to collect it throughout the game). Conclusion, although this game gave me a few goosebumps, but It is very much worth the full price that I paid for. I highly recommend it. Very satisfying story and action. Go get it. Hope it helps.