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Live the goat life you always dreamed of

xenn88 | April 10, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

The second I heard of this game, I just had to have it. Following Coffee Stain since Sanctum, I was excited to see what they could pull off branching out to something as whackey as this. Boy did they deliver, It starts out as a simple, casual fun sort of game. Allowing you to get in to all sorts of trouble with your goatiness. The game is fully explorable from the start. - Despite the assumed instability of the game, it's actually surprisingly stable, or at least has been for me. However, though simple at first, the game also offers ample challenge for those who're more adept to the gaming universe, certain achievements require you to bring your A-Game and nothing less; Goat Simulator I feel is a great title for both casual and experienced gamers, even more-so for gamers who merely want some good laughs. Just about everything I did in this game made me at the very 'least' smile, and was a great pick-me-up from the normal "I'm so srs" games. They really break out from the norm with their Tony Hawk's style 'secret gaps/events' so to speak. Headbutting a gas station, or shooting a basketball in to a goal-field are some examples; they really put some genuine thought in to what players could get in to, and that makes this game just so much more epic.