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Much better than I expected!

xenoturbella | Oct. 13, 2013 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

I thought this game looked interesting when it was released but I was really put off by negative reviews. I bought it here in a recent sale though, and I was thoroughly entertained! The game mechanics aren't the slickest. If somebody was a hardened FPS veteran with an itchy trigger finger then I can see why they might be underwhelmed. For many others they would likely just about be adequate for a challenge without getting frustrating or repetitive. Aside from that the plot and characters are easily compelling enough to provide several hours of good solid entertainment just from the single player campaign. The graphics are a little unusual - but good and hold up well for a game a few years old. At it's current price I would say it is plenty of fun for the money and overall great value!