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Order Renegade Ops Instead, Unless...

xorn000 | Sept. 3, 2011 | Review of Wasteland Angel - PC

Mostly everything about this game feels generic and boring. It could be the unmotivated campaign, the somewhat small combat areas, or maybe even how the game looks like it was rushed to the shelf just to beat Renegade Ops by a little time. If you have credits and can get the game for cheap and want something to just pass some time, this may do it for you. Otherwise most of the game lacks redeeming qualities and hopefully further patching fixes the game. Control binding will be allowed in the future and things of that sort. I wanted to like this game so I will sit and wait to see what the patching does for it. In the meantime, I'd be better off playing something like Gatling Gears if I want a game like this for now. (Gatling Gears is pretty awesome since it has so much more of everything imaginable.) There is still potential for the game to bounce back to a decent player, it's all in the devs hands. Mindless car based shooting that wishes it was more fun.


Favorite Genesis Fighter Series

xorn000 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Streets of Rage - PC

This game is a must for anyone that played Genesis. It may have a lot less flare than 2 or 3, but is still a great game. It is unfortunate you can't play with a friend, but who cares. You'll be too busy bashing in faces and throwing people around to notice. No coop is a downfall, but either way. A few dollars is well worth it for this game.


Favorite Genesis Fighter Series

xorn000 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Streets of Rage 2 - PC

This game is a must for anyone that played Genesis. For being a ported copy having coop, the game is an instant need. Go around with friends smashing in faces and beating down the baddies with pipes. This was one of the first games I played when I had a Genesis. I liked it so much I kept it even after I got rid of the Genesis. I thought it was good enough to own just as a cartridge. No, not crazy. The game was just that good.


Played since the first week

xorn000 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Beat Hazard - PC

I am no stranger to this game. I bought it the week it was released and have played hundreds of tracks on it. It plays much better since the large patching in the past months. Online radio capability, can use multiple music formats, twitter integration, this game has some good features. My issue is that too long of play and I'll get a massive headache. Make sure if you play this game to have good lighting in your room or you will suffer. Even slow classical songs work well since the changes. I now play almost anything instead of just dubstep or metal. Thanks to their faster instrumentals they always were the best. Now anything is fair game. Coop can be a challenge if with less capable players. The perk system is massive and can greatly change the experience in any of the modes. As it stands, this was money well spent.


Better than Sim City

xorn000 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Tropico 3 Gold Edition - PC

I like how the game has character creation. El Presidente might be a mostly uncontrollable character that lives in your world, but they do have quite an influence on everything. After all, you're supposed to be them. Coming at this game from a Sim City perspective, I was expecting a lot more in depth things, but was glad it wasn't the case. Who seriously enjoys spending hours working the power lines, water, and every single minute detail in a game. If you enjoy pain and wasting time, then this is not your game. I never played the first two so I have no way to compare to those, but most new players probably won't bother with them anyway. New players should get used to being casual at this game and not try to take the first few islands serious. I did and was becoming frustrated since I thought I knew the game before I played it. TAKE YOUR TIME. This game will punish you for making bad mistakes and may ruin all of the work you have done on an island. Is the game fun? Yes. Worth buying? Yes. Get many many hours of play out of it? yes. I would say buy it, the worst scenario is that you like it and get your money worth from it.


At first I had my doubts

xorn000 | Aug. 22, 2011 | Review of Space Pirates And Zombies - PC

It is true, at first I wasn't expecting much from this game. Then I remembered that it was made by a small group (2) and needed to be thought of in terms of $ and enjoyability. A few minutes in a was just messing around,but then started to actually plan out builds and test them a little. Bit by bit I was finding more to do within the game and was having more fun. If you want to play for 5, 10, 30 minutes you can easily pick it up, play for a while and go. I can't make myself play for more than an hour or two at a time, but that's fine for me. I won't get bored of the game anytime soon. The galaxy you generate at the new game start is massive enough that it won't be something you knock out in a day or a few hours. So far the story for me hasn't been all that great, but it is something I can forgive a bit. At least it isn't a poorly done rehash of something else or try to be more than what it is. My finger is tired from clicking so much, that much I do know.