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Addicting and Fullfilling End of a Great Trilogy

xtremeg12 | June 24, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 3 NA Origin - PC

After playing the first and second part of Mass Effect, there is absolutely no reason to not buy this game. Following the whole series there will be dramatic situations where your decisions affects the life or death of a character you have known the whole time. You feel the devastation as you try to protect galaxies from destruction. The squad selection is a lot smaller than the previous two games with many characters making cameos. The story ends with your own decision regardless of your "reputation" that is newly implemented into the game to replace the morality system, however this different game mechanic isn't as important as the previous two games of the series and becomes redundant. The biggest and probably best change is the creating a multi-player coop based mission that affects your single player galactic readiness. This idea makes you feel you're in the shoes of the other characters not in the story who are fighting in an alliance to protect their galaxies. The multi-player adds countless hours of game play for people interested in surviving waves of enemies.


Action, Destruction, and Comedy.

xtremeg12 | June 24, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Overflow - PC

If you ever wanted to play an FPS shooter with RPG elements in it with a great storyline, Borderlands is the game to buy. The moment the game starts you already get a sense of the vault hunting adventure you're about to embark, but also realize there will be situations where you can't help but laugh at the hilarious commentary. Single player is good, but if you want to have a great time, playing with coop friends is the way to play this game while progressing through each boss fight. There is a bit of back tracking when doing secondary quests, though each quest progression is shared when playing in coop making some quests easy to complete in a timely manner. The graphics aren't very appealing for being a game that is just over three years old, but the story, unique NPCs, bosses, and character models more than makes up for it. Each of the four characters you can play are specialized in their own type of weapon to deal more damage, but they are not restricted to it. The game is sort of linear with different loading areas and tougher enemies as you progress through the main quest line, however beating the game and playing the second play through will prove more challenging as the monsters will be the same level as your character or the person hosting the game. Replaying the game is mainly for people who want to continue being challenged by the game and want stronger weapons, otherwise the story remains exactly the same. The game lacks the ability to skip the long intro and cut scenes when starting the game, but a simple configuration found online can help reduce this frustration. Completing the main storyline and the DLCs will easily give over 30 hours of game play which is well worth the regular price of $30, but with consistent discounts of this game being under $10 on GMG, there's no excuse not to buy this game immediately for yourself and for your friends.