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Classic challenge

xxfallacyxx | Sept. 2, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA Overflow 1 - PC

Something about X-Com: EU brought out something from my younger days in gaming. I'll be honest, it was challenging. Playing Iron Man mode stomped me down several times, often without mercy. A single failure crippling the future of my own game, and the enemy would not give me reprieve. Time to start over, again and again. Despite that, I was hooked. Single player story kept me enthralled like few modern games do, night after night coming back for more until I had victory. Absolutely worth every penny, even if it's still at near original retail pricing. Take that as a hint of how great the game is. Quick note, the game would have got a straight one hundred were the multiplayer mode not prone to so many issues, inhibiting any kind of enjoyment from online play.