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Great Narrative, New Gameplay, but Short Story

xxshur1kenxx | July 1, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

The Gameplay If you like Mirror’s Edge, you’d love this. The combat is rewarding and chllenging at times. The game itself felt like it had a good mix between adventure and action, but there was definitely room for improvement in the action category. The game held your hand the whole way through, so don’t expect to get lost easily. However, that aside, a rewarding combat system takes your two attacks and spins them into a multitude of combinations. The Story A great narrative is painted in the furure of France. A dystopian like future with memories sold as commodity has revolutionized, and reformed life as we know it. You are cast into the middle of this stuggle as Nilin, a memory hunter. Killing, crime, and memory-stealing are the tools of your trade. The Verdict Remember Me is a great game with solid gameplay mechanics and a rewarding combat system. This is enhanced by its unique visual style. Aside from a serious case of hand holding, and a few bugs, the game is great. Although it is touted as a 10 hour game, I managed to beat it in about 4 hours with a completion percentage of 70%. If you loved Mirror’s Edge, and are waiting for Mirror’s Edge 2, grab it. Anyone on the fence, wait until this title goes on sale. 8 / 10