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Very immersive beginning

xzenith | June 21, 2013 | Review of Towns - PC

Was just checking out the demo of the game and got so hooked into playing it that I bought the game! Gameplay : The game starts out as a very interesting survival game where your townies are thrown into various environment left to fend for themselves. This gives the players a lot of freedom to learn about the game mechanics and create their own world, this is where the game stands out. As the game progress, you are force to delve deeper and deeper into the underground to find required the required minerals to propel your town much like terraria. This is when the best part of the game, being that the world is random, starts turning into its major drawback. The unstricted progression of the game maybe turn into a living nightmare for players who are too adventurous, up to the point where burying the town maybe the only option. Visual: The visuals of the game are in short cool! It reminded me of the old school jrpg games. The different tiles are diverse enough to allow players create a town of their liking. Overall: This is a great game for those who enjoy minecraft and terraria! The game starts of great, but is a bit lacking when you start exploring into the deeps. With a little more time for the developers to come out with extra contents, this game is most certaintly great to get!