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yamajin82 | Oct. 26, 2011 | Review of BioShock - PC

There are few games that take such great care with the storytelling, art style, ambience, and overall design. There is great attention to detail in this game and it all combines to make a believable and highly entertaining experience. Right from the start you are pulled into the world and the game keeps you right there until the end. This is not your average shooter, there is much more depth, character, and thought put into it. The weapons are all pretty cool, but the game really shines in the abilities that you gain along the way, which are used to overcome greater and greater challenges. Certainly this is not the first game to give you special abilities outside of the guns you carry. Nor is it the first to add RPG elements to a FPS, it simply does it better than any other game. If you enjoy a good story with solid gameplay that is completely unique then do yourself a favor and pick up Bioshock!


Stands the test of time

yamajin82 | Oct. 10, 2011 | Review of Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas - PC

I was introduced to the Rainbow series in 2004. This game seems like a natural direction for the series, though a lot of people would beg to differ. The cover system is awesome, the weapons feel and sound awesome and the Story was good enough to keep you going through the single player missions, but it really shines in the co-op terrorist hunt mode. This is one of the best co-op modes in any game. Its cheap so get it with 3 of your buddies and have some good old terrorist shooting fun.


Pretty good

yamajin82 | Oct. 10, 2011 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad - PC

There is a lot of negative reviews from people who are upset about the initial launch of the game. I can understand that but for it works pretty well for me. I don't have the best system but I'm running everything on high with pretty good fps. The game itself is quite fun if you have the patience for it. If you think you can run around and shoot everyone you will be quite disappointed. This is a game about using cover, moving carefully, and sticking with your team to take the control points on the often very large maps. For me there are a few frustrations that are inevitable in the gameplay. Because the maps are so large and there are so many players (up 64 players) it is easy to be moving carefully and get picked off out of nowhere. Sometimes you will make a long trek across the map only to be shot just outside of the objective which can be frustrating. Otherwise the game excels in its tactical, brutal, slow burning, intense gameplay.


Surprisingly enjoyable

yamajin82 | Oct. 2, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

I bought this game half-thinking that it would bore me after a few hours as I typically enjoy very story driven games (Bioshock, Dead Space, Half Life 2 etc) and fast paced shooters (Bad Company 2, Rainbow 6, Team Fortress etc) but this ended up being quite an enjoyable game for me. So far I have put in 41 hours and am just starting my 2nd playthrough. Sure the characters are repetitive, the story is not too enthralling, and there is an annoying amount of back-tracking but the hope of finding an even more awesome gun or other loot keeps you going back for more. There is nothing quite like exploding dudes with a single shot from your newly acquired sniper rifle. Good fun, certainly worth $20 and you would have to be crazy not to get it at an even lower price.