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A lot to find out on Starbound

yanir3 | April 2, 2014 | Review of Starbound - PC

Starbound gives an amazing feeling of creation and improvement. You will start off in a random planet, with your selected character race and you'll have to wander in your planet and complete quests to advance in technology, get new weapons, craft new tools and fight bosses and stronger mobs. The best element in Starbound is the ability to travel in space, there's a huge amount of planets in Starbound you can go to, each one of them has a position. Every planet has a difficulty level, you will find stronger mobs in different planets. While exploring planets you will probably find settlements, different buildings and loot chests - containing maybe a rare weapon for you to use. The soundtrack is just soothing. It is very well done, the music changes according to your situation in the game, in battle, exploring, space traveling and more. I have yet to see such an amazing soundtrack in a game lately and you might want to try it as well. The game is very good and everyone can find themselves addicted to it, whether you like sci-fi or not, you definitely won't be bored from playing Starbound. Also, if you liked Terraria, you will probably like this as well. Please bear in mind the game is early access and is likely to have bugs sometimes, even though I have yet to find a gamebreaking bug. Overall, if you like space, exploring, adventures or even a good sountrack, you should buy Starbound. The game is improving significantly with every update and you can already see how the game progressed so much since it's first alpha release.