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Great pirate game, good AC game

yansanten1 | Dec. 5, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag - PC

While boston was nice, and connor was a badass(imo), ezio was a suave italian dude who banged anything that moved, they lacked a certain type of ''my only motive is money''. And in comes Edward Kenway, ex privateer to the crown and now full fledged pirate. This guy is an extremely badass and charismatic character, who has an amazing supporting cast of rugged pirates, and of course the star of the game, his brig, the Jackdaw. It is great to just sail around the west indies,exploring little islands and coves, robbing spanish and english ships alike, looking for treasures from hidden maps etc etc. On to the AC part of the game, you can still use the well known free running, the hidden blades, the 1 vs a whole group of upset soldiers combat style, the 'stealth'', wich is not bad, but after seeing game after game of what is basically the same concept but more fleshed out, i find its time for some better stealth mechanics, either that or no stealth mechanics at all.