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Can't wait until ultra!

yeneeko | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition - PC

I've been playing Street Fighter 4 since basically it's release. I've always loved the franchise and it's been growing strong since 3s (Or Third Strike) and it just reminds me of how good Capcom is at making solid fighting games. The game itself is solid - all the characters have their own fighting style, all tweek'd and tuned differently. In Arcade Edition they added 4 new Characters (Yun and Yang from previous series, Oni and E.Ryu) as well as more balance changes from the previous version. The game had been balanced a few times before and this is the final balance change before USF4. If you're wanting to get into fighting games, especially the Street Fighter Series, this is a great Entry level fighter with deep fighting mechanics. It's easy to pick up, there are tutorials for every character (Not including the AE new characters) and practice modes, story modes and the like if you don't like online play. The main reason I love this game is for it's online play. It's unrelenting and challenging, and gives me that challenging gameplay that I crave from a fighting game. You can fight in ranked matches or Endless battles which is a lobby you can have plenty of people fight with you in (Max of 8) in a round robin winner fights all.