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You got your Hong Kong in my Grand Theft Auto.

zabumafoo | May 25, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

If you love GTA, you're going to love Sleeping Dogs. If you don't love GTA, you're still probably going to love Sleeping Dogs. The graphics were great, the voice acting was spot-on, and the script and story were intriguing, funny and delightfully vulgar. The game kept me on edge with its immoral characters and gritty environments, yet at times had me laughing out loud....which I rarely do when playing a game. There are also a lot of easter eggs in the game that strongly played off of the Asian culture, and they added a great distraction from the actual plot. There are loads of DLC's which can be picked up to add on to the overall experience. Some aren't great (mostly outfits), but others send the game in a completely different direction (Nightmare in Northpoint). These gave me another reason to keep playing even after making it through the campaign. All-in-All I loved the game. My only complaint was that the keyboard controls were awful. Make sure you have a gamepad on hand, or have a couple extra bucks to go pick one up. It will make the game much more enjoyable.