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Not as interesting as expected

zah | Feb. 10, 2013 | Review of Omerta City of Gangsters - PC

I was really excited about this game, but the more I played the more I was let down. I played with hardest difficulty level and this game was too easy. I was hoping that building an empire was going to be the most interesting and hardest part of the game. Defending businesses from rival gangs and avoiding police attention would've been interesting. Unfortunately there isn't anything like that. Every business is profitable and you don't have to be afraid of other gangs attacking it. There is possibility that police may shut down your empire, but it's not very likely to happen, because you always have loads of money to bribe them. The combat was fun at first, because this turn-based combat was all new to me. I had to think few steps ahead or else I wasn't going to win. As soon as you got your gang up to 4 members, combat wasn't challenging anymore. You could just walk into warehouse and kill everyone in there. After few missions there wasn't anything new to discover and it got really repedative... build busnesses, bribe police, kill few gangsters and start all over again. If you still want to play this game, I suggest you to wait until price drops.