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Worth It

zathor1nan | April 16, 2014 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

If this game is on sale you totally need to buy it. It will be worth every cent. If this game isnt on sale you need to buy it. It will be worth every cent. This game is beutiful. It hass amazing sunsets, lush forests, and a hugely diverse map. You Can run around on an entire continent. Who wouldnt want to do that? The combat is fun and sometimes silly, And the mods are amazing.


lots of fun

zathor1nan | April 14, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

If you enjoyed the other Batman games you will like this game. The gameplay has the same addicting freeflow system that makes you feel like a badass and the equipment is still perfectly suited for usage in combat as well. The game has very good graphics, looking especially good in the snow (which you will see a lot of) and steam. The graphics are definetly an improvement over the last game even though some of them look the same. The plot is interesting as it takes place before arkham asylum when batman was still relatively new and the police didn't like him. This is interesting because that means batman can fight some of the less well known characters like the electrocutioner and firefly. This also means that batman doesnt know who the joker and maybe bane is. Now for the problems. The combat is pretty much exactly the same. Most of the animations are reused and look exactly the same. Apparently 50% of this game is reused stuff from arkham city which is a problem. Much of the gameplay feels the same but if you loved arkham city you will like this although you might want to take a break in between so it doesn't feel like you are playing the same game. At launch the game was extremely glitchy with some visual and game breaking bugs. Most of those have been ironed you although there are still some glitches where parts of batman clips through his cape and sometimes when trying to fly he will just spazz out.



zathor1nan | April 14, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim bethesda - PC

This was one of the first real games I played and I loved it. The graphics are amazing (especially if you get into modding) and the gameplay is fun and addicting. It has room for every play style. you can be an archer, a tank, a mage, a necromancer, or a thief. The game has loads of character customization in it and even added a way to customize your character again around mid game. All of the DLC add plenty of new places or things, especially dragonborn which takes you back to morrowind. The game is a whole lot of fun and even without any mods you can spend at least 100 hours in it. If you mod the game you can have so many things. The modding community is great and still thriving a couple years after the game came out. My only gripes about this game are that sometimes it is a little bit glitchy and the combat doesn't feel very solid. Sure, the killing animations are cool but when you are fighting the sword just seems to pass through. All in all this game is definetly worth the money. I would have paid more if I knew about the awesome mods.