Reviews by zhuwa


A fun open world FPS with lots of content

zhuwa | May 19, 2014 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Far cry 3 is an open world FPS that is extremely fun to play. It is set a very large island for you to explore and lots of outposts for you to assault in many different ways (frontal assault, stealth or even incite the wild life to help out). There are many types of quests, although eventually it feels a little repetitive. However, I find that the story to be highly disconnected to the gameplay because it sets the protagonist up as scared and clueless but as soon as the exploration starts, he becomes instantly psychologically and physically combat ready. What’s worse is even though he could stab or shoot people or even set people on fire without issue, he will still find skinning an animal disgusting and make “ugh” sounds. I bought it on day one and got so put off by the story that I didn’t finish it until almost a year and a half later. Far cry 3 is worth playing, but not recommended at the full price. I actually recommend Far Cry 3 blood dragon, which is more refined without the pretentious story.


Surprisingly entertaining side scrolling horde mode shooter

zhuwa | May 12, 2014 | Review of Deadly 30 Steam - PC

I bought this game when it was on a very steep discount and I find it surprisingly entertaining. I have 100% completed this game (all achievements) in 9 hours, according to steam. This side scrolling shooter (think Contra or more similarly Metal Slug) has you control, eventually, 3 characters with upgradable weapons. The goal is deceptively simple, which is to survive 30 waves of increasingly brutal zombie attacks. During the day, you can leave the base to find loot but being outside during the night will probably kill you. Although simple, the game is far from simplistic. There are tough choices to be made, such as whether to upgrade your character or upgrade your base; whether to buy that cheaper gun that will help you now or try to save for that better gun later; whether to go a little further and risk being outside at night. These dynamics make the game challenging and fun to learn while playing. The cartoony gore effects are also definite pluses. However, the game does lag a bit at seemingly random times. Deadly 30 is cheap, fun and stress relieving entertainment. I fully recommend picking it up, even without any discount.


Solid open world FPS worth way more than the price

zhuwa | May 12, 2014 | Review of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Uplay (2) - PC

I bought this game when it was on discount on GMG and so surprisingly good, in fact, that had I known, I would not have held out for a discount. The game is solid because it is highly immersive with lots of variety. Before writing on, I have 100% completed this game under medium difficulty in under 10 hours (all achievements). The story was very fun and successfully relays the ‘80s movies vibe. The over-the-top story really helps with the immersion because you know you are a super commando and you are supposed to be able to rampage and take much damage and not die. This is opposed to the original (far cry 3) where the normal guy main character just goes on to massacre a whole island of people. The gameplay is solid with a lot of variety. The game allows you to take a guns-ablazing approach or you can stealthily disable alarms and pick off the enemy one by one (somewhat reminds me of metal gear solid 2). There are many types of weapons, from stealthy melee, standard rifles to miniguns (and death-rays!). There are sufficient locations that encourage different types of game play from outposts, laboratories, and even offshore platforms and ships. Also there are dragons in the game. One thing that could be said may be relatively the short-length, but I think it’s actually a strength because it lets the game end on a high before any hint of repetition or fatigue. I wholeheartedly recommend this game, even at the full price. Nothing is ever perfect but this game is realy close... 90/100. PS: A little introduction to my gaming preferences, I mainly play first person games, e.g. CS:GO, Skyrim, Killing Floor, as well as RTS like Starcraft 2.


Unbelievably fun game with serious longevity

zhuwa | Nov. 12, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

Killing floor is a cooperative survival first person shooter where you basically fight off wave after wave of a variety of enemies. This game is for FPS lovers who enjoy fighting against lots of enemies with other players or simply enjoy a challenging game. To me, the main beauty of this game is the longevity and the variety. Free new content is released periodically (even 3 years after release!) that add to the already overflowing content. There are lots of maps, each with characteristic layouts. Different difficulty levels that not only throw more and tougher enemies at you, but also change the pace of the game. You can also play as different classes which each plays quite differently. In addition, there are many achievements that encourage you pull off some stunts (like beat a very tough enemy with a very weak weapon). Unlike many other games, there are still many active servers with players new and old, so you can jump right in. I have played the game for over 250 hours already over the past 2 years and it still feels fresh. If you are still on the fence about it, wait for a discount. But why wait when there’s so much fun to be had now and even more fun to be had in the future?


I am a player who has played Skyrim for nearly 200 hours.

zhuwa | Nov. 5, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Dawnguard - PC

Dawnguard in essence expands the content of Skyrim. Basically, there are more locations, more quests, more types of enemies, more skills to be learnt and more items. It does not dramatically change how the game is played. I recommend this DLC for any player who enjoys Skyrim and is looking for more content to the game or even just looking for an excuse to go back into Skyrim. I have played Skyrim for nearly 200 hours and actually thought I was done with Skyrim. Dawnguard was the reason I reinstalled the game, and I realized I am far from done! One thing I must say however is that if you did not like Skyrim too much to start with, for example you’ve only played a couple of hours and stopped playing anymore, Dawnguard will most likely not change your opinion. As for the DLC itself, the new locations are beautiful and diverse. Some textures may look similar to those in the main game, but the places are quite different and importantly, feel different. In fact, that is one of the reasons which I felt Dawnguard was worth the money. Another reason is that the main story of Dawnguard has been gripping from the start. I personally felt that, supported by better voice acting and more interesting characters, the Dawnguard main plot is one of the most interesting quests in Skyrim. Finally, while I think Dawnguard is worth buying, the full price might be hard to justify. I recommend picking this up when it is on some sort of discount. PS: My review of Dawnguard is based on Skyrim version (November 2012). That said, I believe future patches to Skyrim or Dawnguard will make the game even better.