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Flawed, yet perfect

zrightning | Aug. 3, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition - PC

Skyrim is honestly one of the better games i have ever played and you can immerse yourself completely into the world of Skyrim. However skyrim is not a perfect game and my score reflects this. Imperfections These make the score less good as it could be and they are all flaws bethesda could have fixed (and should have) - Various npc's can die in dragon or vampire attacks, involving quest and store npc's - There was a bug in the main questline - Various bugs all over the game (big and small) - Lightning glitches here and there making "striped shadows" appear - many more imperfections depending on the player. However the modding community fixed a lot of these imperfections for you so if you pick up this game, check out the modding community. Fun factor 10/10 I enjoy every minute that i play skyrim even if i am just running around from place to place. I can be whoever i want to be in the wonderful world of skyrim. If i want to be a gladiator, i can be one, do i want to be a mage with control over all elements, i can be just that. Skyrim is one of those games where everyone can play like he wants and prefers. Control and gameplay 9/10 Controls work beautifully and if you were to use an xbox controller you'll love the game even more. And that's simply because skyrim is in my opinion geared a little more towards consoles than a pc. The mouse and keyboard controls don't feel quite as smooth as when i'm using a controller. Gameplay wise everything is close to perfect, and that which is not perfect is improved by the many many mods the mod community has to offer Graphics 9/10 Stunningly beautiful graphics that completely draw you into the game. Sound 8/10 Perfect sound with whatever is going on around you. The only downside sound-wise to skyrim is Replayability 10/10 You can replay this over and over and never get bored of it. There's simply so much to do and every replay you'll find something that you may not have seen yet. There's an endless amount of ways you can play this game and that makes replaying it so much more fun.