Reviews for Syndicate (EU)


Don't think of it as a part of the Syndicate franchise

georgecopos | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

While this game bears a similarity to Deus Ex (as most games are similar to other games), I find myself enjoying this game a lot more, mainly for the CO-OP. What I really enjoy about the CO-OP is the fact that you have to rely on your teammates, rather than going Rambo or Chuck Norris in there. The single player, so far, is great also. The game may take a little bit of time to get used to, but it is well worth the time. This is a satisfying FPS title, but if you pick it up after having played the bullfrog syndicate titles, your expectations will not be pleased, think of it as a tribute to the Syndicate IP as that is all it could be.


A license which deserved a better treatment..

XGpredator | Jan. 3, 2014 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

It's hard to believe that the creators of the adaptation of Riddick and The Darkness are behind Syndicate. Built on glitches, script mechanicas, Starbreeze Studios' FPS is not repulsive and even offers a nervous and dynamic gameplay coupled with a hyper aggressive AI, but heck, mistakes, blunders and predictability in everything. The final result is a lambda shooter, not unpleasant but certainly not be remembered.



Mscigniew | Jan. 3, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Imagine Deus Ex as an action movie and youll get Syndicate. It is narrated as a good movie,there`s even Rosario Dawson and Brian Cox in it!Graphics are very nice,sometimes(when I had the chance)I just stood and watched amazing buildings all around me!Sounds are great,whenever there was heavy action going on my ears got flooded by this amazing dubstep music.Weapons were awesome,especially the homing rounds gun.My overall feeling about this game is very positive,the only thing I didnt like was that I felt it was too short(but being that the only flaw,you can imagine how good this game is).


Quick paced, solid FPS.

EveryEU | Oct. 23, 2013 | See all EveryEU's reviews »

I didn`t know what to expect when I bought Syndicate. Now I know that it is a bit worse than what is seen in the trailers. First off, I would suspect the gunplay to be much better than it actually was. There is not enough (particle) effects to make all the shooting - main point of this game - all that exciting. You won`t see anything you saw in say F.E.A.R. The guns are fine but the environment doesn`t react to the shooting that oges on. No smoke, no broken glass or furniture. Feels like a sterile training ground. This is perhaps a bit compensated by good, aggressive AI that makes you work for your kills. The maps are fine, varied enough to keep going. Out of all the guns, maybe 2-3 are ok, the rest is garbage (the laser for example). The story is ok but the cutscenes are too long, because there is really no point. The story is blatantly obvious and the game is needlessly secretive about it. Then there`s the most iritating part - the bosses. They are a lot better than the player, often surrounded by normal enemies which btw also take a lot of hits before dropping dead. The player at such events is extremely disadvantaged. To add to that, they are acompanied by iritating, unexplained puzzles that try to be clever but instead of enriching the experience they just end up dragging it longer than it is needed. The player too often finds himself alone in an open map against waves and waves of enemies (beat them or you cannot progress further). So you have to use every bit of "advantage" you can get, predominantly by using the scarce 3 hacking skills and a combat bullettime-like mode. The problem is, destroying your enemies doesn`t make you feel satisfied, instead you`re just happy you beat an iritating stage and hope there will be no more of them on the way.The journal is completely pointless for such a fast paced FPS. The skill tree is as simple as it can get - a little like Far Cry3 but not nearly as thought through. Overall the experience is fast, rather effective and satisfying. Nonetheless it could have been much much better.


Very good and solid game

Verdungo | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all Verdungo's reviews »

It's not the best shooter game or cyber-punk story. But everything in this game is solid good. Graphics is still very nice, shooting feeling really good and gripping story with a lot of action that keeps You in front of the screen. I've never tested the co-op, but I heard it's the main heart of this game and here You can find some similarities to the original. So, with good price You got really good game. Not perfect, not epic, but like a good old movie it's perfect for a weekend:)


Good game

britishlad | May 7, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Syndicate is a first person shooter set in a futuristic environment, where companies rather than government rule the world and it is a remake of an old game but they have very little incommon - Here's a list of good and bad things: GOOD The gameplay is simple but fun and the gunplay is very satisfying The graphic are really good but some people may be put off by the constant bloom Good voice acting from actors like Brian Cox BAD CO OP is good but it's pretty dead now and it is very difficult to play on your own Story is rubbish and forgettable Boss battles are naff and not fun to fight No multiplayer Single player campaign can be completed in 4-6 hours It's a good game but not at full price


Not bad

dman19901 | May 7, 2013 | See all dman19901's reviews »

Picked this game up while it was on sale and found it to be a decent fps, the single player is some what short but does have a decent story. The game is just a normal fps but has some unique features and does play smoothly while looking good. The game is worth playing through and a co-op mode is also there but i would not pay full price for it.


good game not brilliant

balbo79 | March 17, 2013 | See all balbo79's reviews »

Syndicate might seem like a first person shooter like many others, but it adds an interesting component: the capabilities offered by the DART-6 that is a powerful neural chip will allow us first to violate any mechanical system controlled by electronic circuits, as well as other powers as Suicide for example, will allow us to violate the chip neural opponents causing an explosion or a real electric shock who tampers with the weapons of the enemy or Persuasion to convince an opponent to fight for us. Each of the systems mentioned will need a certain interval of time for recharging. Syndicate is not a masterpiece, but thanks to a rather varied gameplay and a functional and interesting co-op is "simply" a good game. A shooter capable of making the happiness of those who, as a lover of the genre, was tired of the "usual fps" and wanted to try something different.


A run of the mill cash-in on an old name.

lushteinas | Jan. 17, 2013 | See all lushteinas's reviews »

Most of you won't remember the old Syndicate. I have to admit - hardly do I. I do get a strange feeling of nostalgia thinking about it, and this game fails to capture any of that feeling. Syndicate is an average looking, run of the mill grey and bloom gimmicky first person shooter set in a grim cyberpunk world run by evil corporations. Interested yet? Neither am I. The only thing to spice up the average shooting are a few hacking gimmicks which can destroy your opponents with a touch of the button. But you're already doing that with your guns. The story is boring and generic, you can see all the plot twists coming since the first twenty minutes of the game. I'd avoid it if possible, tho some players might find it to their liking.


Average cyberpunk FPS

FreeMan85 | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Sadly I never played or known the original Syndicate game, so my review can't compare the old one with this remake. The Syndicate developed by Starbreeze, the studio who bring us the Riddick games. What can go wrong? Sadly this game is much shorter and simpler then the Riddick games. Our character, Miles Kilo is totally silent and the game is a simple FPS shooter nothing more. The game is short, but has a great co-op. The game play is fun, but sometimes annoying since it's use checkpoints. You can carry only two type of weapons and use your DART 6 chip features, like the DARTvision slow mo with alternate 'X-ray' view. You can breach additional environment stuffs for your aid. Or need some enemy defense to breach before you can kill it. The boss fights has similar progress. There's a boss where you doesn't even need (or can) shoot at once. The graphics is... unique. Using Starbreeze's own engine feels similar to Riddick games: the weapons HUD, the weapon using and handling, character animations. Runs smooth and well. Maybe use a bit much lens-flare and bloom effects, also the texture maybe has a higher resolution. The game sounds and voices are top notch. Every technical gadget has own sound and the music is good, fit to the cyberpunk style - especially the Skrillex remix. The co-op multiplayer is needs a sub review. You can play 9 different maps with up to 4 players co-op mode. You can choose 3 different load-outs, but you can customize it. You have always a team goal, like retrieve something, or hack or just kill everyone. You can heal your teammates at a distance, if they killed you must go near them and reboot them. you can pickup any weapons, youd doesn't restricted by class. You can choose from 4 various (2 male, 2 female) skin for your character. every mission gives you XP, tokens and upgrades. Sadly it doesn't have a chat function, not in game or the menu. If you played the original Syndicate games or you like cyberpunk games it's a no-brainer, otherwise I don't recommend. It's a good game, but has nothing extraordinary.


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

So is a reboot of the Syndicate saga, a 1990 strategy game, The single player campaign is quite similar to other fps campaign (six hours to be beaten),but the funny part of the game is the cooperative. With another three players you must clean every level accomplishing different objectives,defeating several enemies and,sometimes,bosses. It's not anything new but is fun.


Amazing game!

jeyko | July 3, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

Syndicate is a reboot of the awesome 1993 strategy game of the same name. The single player may not be where the game excels, but the coop is really fun. You must work your way through series of levels, fighting hordes of enemies. Very similar to Left 4 Dead with guns(or Payday). The missions are really tough if you don't have partners to play with. The singleplayer is different. The game is overall more atmospheric, following the graphic style of Deus Ex and the music design of Frozen Synapse. The problem is - just when the action gets tense, the game slows down and goes to storytelling for a while. And storytelling is not one of its strong points and you have no choices that affect the ending. So the singleplayer is not the best it could be, but the mutliplayer is fun and enjoyable. Syndicate is not the usual shooter, but it is certainly good. If you liked the first Syndicate (even though they are totally different games) you might like this one too!