Reviews for Renegade Ops: Coldstrike DLC


Nice addition to the core game

Spattercat | April 14, 2012 | See all Spattercat's reviews »

They've actually improved on the game, in my opinion, which is a pretty rare thing. The level design is varied, and the missions have better pacing. The winter downhill maps make good use of the camera, and there's more to destroy in the environment. If you liked the first game, you won't go wrong.


Pretty nice DLC

softwareo | March 28, 2012 | See all softwareo's reviews »

The Coldstrike campaign adds 3 new missions to the base game so there are much new stuffs to explore and blow up. Some new enemies are added but no new characters. For new characters you need the Reinforcements DLC unfortunately. The graphics are just as nice as they were in the base game. The enviroment is snowy this time and it does look nice. Other than that the game stays exactly the same. That's not a bad thing at all though. It's so much fun and pretty much one of the best old school games released lately. The DLC cost of 3.5€ is much better bang for your buch than the Reinforcements DLC but still quite high for my liking. In general I think it's not worth it to buy any DLC for any game but this game makes an exception. I would have liked it much more if these two DLC packs would have been combined into one DLC pack with a bit lower price . They both add something to the game even separately but are absolutely best when bought together. So I must say the same thing in this review also: Wait for them to be on a sale for at least -50% and get them both.