Reviews for Grand Age: Rome


A rather clumsy, but very fun simulation

ElitistCuisine | May 19, 2013 | See all ElitistCuisine's reviews »

I bought this game a while back, mostly due to the fact that I love city building games. This game of course sated my love of city building games, but it often felt incomplete, especially in the combat portion of the game. For the most part, I avoided combat due to the fact that I never enjoyed it. The true meat of this game is in the city planning. It is always a joy to manage in this game, and the trading system is very well thought out. All in all, it is a good game. I just wouldn't recommend it for its military campaign alone.


Good game, but have seen better

signox | May 18, 2013 | See all signox's reviews »

This game is pretty good. You always have something to build or to do even after hours on the same map. The campaign is pretty good, each missions give a different challenge and there is 20000 ways to win, The interface is easy to understand and the descriptions are clear and accurate making the game easy to play. But, I have to say that the military part is not very good, ships are impossible to control and making a beach assault is harder than rebuilding Rome from the ground. Also, the enemies in the missions lack of resources to destroy walls, even with catapults they loose just so many soldiers they cannot do anything after. But even with these default, it is a great game that worth the price.


Could have been better

draculrosu12 | March 5, 2013 | See all draculrosu12's reviews »

Fun at first, takes a while to learn, but not much replay ability. Good theme, but lacks depth. You rebuild just about the same things over and over, with different objectives. I still prefer the old Caesar III game than this slightly graphic improved strategy build game Personally I enjoyed and still am enjoying this game. Yes somethings could be better, but all in all its fun. The building rules are not that hard to figure out its all common sense stuff, such as you need a building close to a resource to get the resource, you need houses which have people in order to work the resources. Like I said all common sense stuff. If you build the city and pay attention to what the people want then you won't have a problem. I have been enjoying this time of game for years and I love them. Many are to dumbed down to enjoy this one is a challenge, its not Age of Empires or Total War, I will agree with that but if you want a challenge then get it its a lot of fun if you like challenges and to think about what your doing. All in All I enjoyed it, yeah there are a lot of stipulations on where to place things, the graphics are the best but that's really all the cons I have about it.


A very fun city builder with some neat features

Neohoodman | Feb. 28, 2013 | See all Neohoodman's reviews »

It's pretty difficult to come out with a city builder when there are alternatives that are hailed as 'the best'. Grand Ages Rome is no AAA title, but allows for good fun while building in the roman era. While there is a combat facette to this game, it is not the way to play it. Build, expand and grow your own roman village, keeping in mind the infrastructure of that time. Water needs to come from sources, travels via a waterway and all other kinds of historical things. Historical setpieces are also yours to build, and the best thing about this game? It has co-op functionality. Build cities together, or against each other.



vjk | Dec. 6, 2012 | See all vjk's reviews »

I've been looking for a city-building sim for a while. I played the original sim city as well as the caesar games, but lately nothign really clicked. I have tried Tropico 4, but it just didn't seem to click for me. This game clicks. The reason is the circles. Each building has a "radius". So you have to be smart about where you place them in order to get the maximum "synergy" As a result, I end up really thinking about where I'm placing buildings. I actually think, "I'd like a good oceanside view" for these guys. That's a big improvement. Because in Sim city, I'd basically try to make the most population in the least amount of space. Ambience didn't matter. Here it does. Great city-building game. Best I've played.


Grand Rome

faraany3k | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Grand Ages: Rome is a spiritual successor to the great city building series like Caesar and Pharaoh. In Grand Ages: Rome we construct huge roman cities and manage its daily routines. Graphically it is a great looking game both aesthetically and how accurately it depicts a roman city. Although the management and the city building mechanics are not as complex or deep as you might have seen in other city building games like SIMCITY, but in my view Grand Ages: Rome tries to keep things simple deliberately by removing the more deeper aspects like connecting the city and loads of micromanagement in the favor of more accessible gameplay. This results in a more fluid and east to 'pick and play' gaming experience. The BATTLE system of the game is not as proficient as a regular RTS game and this is the case with almost all city building games. So if you are looking for an enjoyable city building experience, Grand Ages: Rome is an appropriate choice.


Absolutely Fine

Atrius | June 19, 2011 | See all Atrius's reviews »

I spent a couple of days considering whether to buy this or not. Online reviews had criticized it, but mainly for the similarity to previous games in the series. Obviously, this doesn't really count if you've not played any of the series. In the end I purchased Grand Ages: Rome to have a nice relaxing Sunday morning game. And I'm glad I did! I was a big fan of Caesar 3 back in the day, and if you know that game then know that GA:R is a bit simpler, with a lot of resource management automated. However, in being simpler, it is more accessible, and it's certainly quite pretty. Grand Ages Rome is a great game for just kicking back and building cities. It does what it set out to do and it does it well.


Grand Fun

KingFriday | June 5, 2011 | See all KingFriday's reviews »

This may have one of the most enjoyable & varied campaigns in a city-builder game I've seen in a long time. There is a pleasant variation in the missions, and you can pick and choose your path through it. I would say that structures all have a unique purpose, there isn't much redundancy. There's a smartly balanced level of depth and management, as the game gives you clues as to how to get your structures working well together. This could have been done badly, but you still have a good amount of control and many forced situations. I even enjoyed the army units quite a bit, while it's not as in depth as some strategy games, they still have character and some purpose. I would say that for all this game does, it balances it all quite well without getting overwhelming or being generic, and above all, remaining fun. It does a few things I especially like. There are some missions that tend to finish quickly, but it gives the option to keep playing that mission. I find this very nice, as you usually have a huge territory to build upon. That's where some real secondary value comes into it, trying to keep your city pumping along the more you reach out into the territory, it also doesn't tend to lock you from using particular units or structures. There is also a reward system for doing unique things, such as finishing a number of buildings in quick succession, the game will then reward with faster construction during the mission. There are a lot of nice little touches to this game that make me see a good deal of replay potential, I highly recommend it.


Very good mix of strategy and sim.

keeveek | April 5, 2011 | See all keeveek's reviews »

Ever wondered how it's like to build Rome? They say that Rome wasn't built in a day - but now you have opportunity to do this! You have plenty of historical buildings and units to choose from, to created your perfect city and army. I have to warn you - fighting is not the strongest part of this game - it's rather simple and symbolic (even though you can give direct orders to your army) - in most cases, biggest army is the winner. Better part of the game is simulation of city life - yuo have to think about transportation of water and goods to your citizens, and many many other details. But once you're finished, it's very pleasant to watch how the city prospers (also because of the good graphics!) Don't forget to buy the expansions!